Danny Trejo

Exclusive Dead in Tombstone Video Interviews Beat Back the Devil

On tap for you cats right now is a series of video interviews for Dead in Tombstone featuring Danny Trejo, Anthony Michael Hall, Dina Meyer, and director Roel Reiné. Check 'em out!

Mickey Rourke Gets Devilish in Exclusive Dead in Tombstone Clip

Available now is the latest Danny Trejo flick, Dead in Tombstone, and on tap for you cats who cannot get enough of the craggy-faced maverick is an exclusive clip featuring the prince of darkness, Mickey Rourke.

Zombie Hunter (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Danny Trejo, Claire Neiderpruem, Jason K. Wixom, Jade Regier, Martin Copping

AFM 2013: Danny Trejo Victim of A Voodoo Possession

While Machete Kills didn't exactly light up the box office, its star, Danny Trejo, cannot possibly be shining any more bright. Just in time for AFM we have the sales art for his newest flick, A Voodoo Possession. Yeah, we'd expect an eventual title change.

Machete Killed at the Box Office

It just figures. Up front... most of us here at Dread Central were not fans of the original Machete. Yet, its sequel, Machete Kills, made huge strides in getting things right, and of course nobody went to see it. In fact, it had an historically bad opening.

Exclusive Soundtrack Sample: Dead in Tombstone

It's hard to keep up with all of the Danny Trejo movies that are hitting every couple of weeks. Expect a lot of shirtlessness in the near future. Up next is an exclusive soundtrack clip from his latest tango with the Devil, Dead in Tombstone.

New Blood-Soaked Machete Kills UK Poster

Machete Kills is cutting a swath of carnage in theatres right now, and the eye candy is still coming. On tap right now is a brand new UK poster for the flick that's heavy on the red. Check it out!

Exclusive: Alexa Vega Talks Machete Kills and More!

Rarely has a woman looked so unbelievably hot in a movie than Alexa Vega does in Machete Kills. The outfits she wears throughout the film are practically non-existent, and something comparable to them isn’t found easily...

Exclusive: Robert Rodriguez and Danny Trejo Talk Machete Kills

From Desperado to the Spy Kids franchise and beyond, Robert Rodriguez and Danny Trejo have largely become household names due mostly to the work they’ve done together.

Lady Gaga Sings Her Way Through Machete Kills

In celebration of her big screen debut, check out this brand new lyric video to hear Lady Gaga’s song “Aura” from her forthcoming album ARTPOP, available November 11, and get an extended look at Machete Kills.

Sofia Vergara Aims Her Terror Tatas in Latest Machete Kills Clip

Do we really have to get any more descriptive than the headline does for this latest Machete Kills clip? For those of you confused and/or strangely aroused, this quick video should more than do the trick for you!

Looks Can Kill in New Machete Kills Featurette

The Machete movies are known for several things in particular... violence, Danny Trejo's burning desire to be shirtless as much as possible and for as long as possible, and hot chicks. Very, very hot chicks. Speaking of which...

Alexa Vega Shows Off Her Finer Assets on New Machete Kills One-Sheet

With the October 11th release of Machete Kills inching ever closer, a new one-sheet has arrived featuring Alex Vega as Killjoy! Check it out and wipe the drool off of your mouth when you're done.

Lady Gaga Has Some Fun in New Machete Kills Trailer!

With the October 11th release of Machete Kills inching ever closer, we've been getting inundated with all sorts of clips and trailers for the film. And we can only hope you're loving all the action as much as we are. Check out the latest trailer, which is sure to spice up your day!

New Machete Kills Trailer Cannot Be Contained!

We've seen a lot of stuff over the past few months in promotion of Machete Kills but nothing anywhere near as cool as the following 3D trailer that you can experience right now at your computer. Dig it!