Danny Elfman

The Frankenweenie Trailer Sparks to Life

Feel the electricity in the air? It can only mean one thing! That's right! Here it is, kids! As promised, the first full trailer for Tim Burton's feature length version of his short film Frankenweenie has arrived along with a few more stills! Check it out!

Toothy New Still From Frankenweenie! Trailer Coming Tomorrow!

Get ready for a new look at Tim Burton's Frankeweenie. Well, not exactly his weenie, but another character in the film for sure! Hopefully this will tide you cats over until the trailer premieres tomorrow.

More Frankenweenie Promotional Art

In his never ending quest for Chinese food, Nomad stumbled upon some new promotional art for Tim Burton's Frankenweenie in front of a store in Jersey. Dig it!

Frankenweenie One-Sheet Rises From the Grave

Well, it didn't actually rise. It did, however, most definitely peek out from behind a tombstone. Check out the first one-sheet showcasing Tim Burton's Frankenweenie.

There's Nothing Like Seeing Someone Stroking Their Frankenweenie

Come on! You know we've all done it and were happy to do so. Sometimes you just can't resist. You just can't ignore it or it'll be poking around all day looking for attention. True, it can be messy but it only takes a second to wipe off your hands when you're done.

A New Still from Tim Burton's Frankenweenie

In case you've been so focused on Tim Burton's upcoming Dark Shadows adaptation that it's slipped your mind that he's also working on an animated feature-length take on his classic tale of Frankenweenie, Disney has released a new still from the latter...just in time for Christmas! What the heck? With all the goods the studios have been doling out this week, we're starting to think Christmas is the new Halloween!

First Look at Tim Burton's Frankenweenie

Entertainment Weekly scored the very first images from Tim Burton's upcoming animated feature-length take on his classic tale of Frankenweenie, and we have the goods right here for you free of all the nastiness that usually goes along with reanimation.

D23 Frankenweenie Wrap-Up

One might think Dread Central would have nothing to report from a convention packed to the gills with fans of Tinker Bell and Mickey Mouse, but those folks forget Disney often likes to dip its animated toe into the world of the creepy. It is with this in mind we sent secret agents to infiltrate the insidious event they call D23!! (See? It even sounds creepy!)

What's This? Text on a Screen that Spells Frankenweenie?!?

Yeah, sorry about the surly headline. Just got back from seeing Fright Night, and my mood is kind of foul. Anyway, breaking news out of the Disney Expo! Prepare to feel the Earth move as you gaze in wonder at the Frankenweenie title card. The animated film is based on Burton’s 1984 short film about a pet dog brought back to life by his loyal owner after it is struck by a car.

Info on The Hunger Games Soundtrack; Star Jennifer Lawrence Performs!

Fans of The Hunger Games looking for new info on the currently filming adaptation got a bone thrown their way today with an update on the score, an all-star collaboration between T-Bone Burnett and Danny Elfman. In addition Burnett confirmed that star Jennifer Lawrence will be heard singing on the soundtrack.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Dark Shadows Panel Highlights; Original Cast Cameos Confirmed for Tim Burton's Dark Shadows Film

Hermes Press hosted a "Dark Shadows" panel with Lara Parker (Angelique), Kathryn Leigh Scott (Maggie Evans and Josette du Pres), and Jim Pierson (consulting producer for the new Dark Shadows film). The big news was that four of the original cast members will be making cameos in Tim Burton's new film! Read on for the details and much more.

Danny Elfman Scores with The Hunger Games

Composer Danny Elfman sure has a lot on his plate lately. He's signed on to score Sam Raimi’s Oz: The Great and Powerful and two Tim Burton projects, Dark Shadows and Frankenweenie, to name a few. We guess it wouldn't hurt to add Lionsgate's big screen adaptation of The Hunger Games to the list!

Surprise! Danny Elfman to Score Frankenweenie

In an epic move that absolutely NO ONE saw coming, it appears as if composer Danny Elfman is set to score ... are you ready? ... a Tim Burton production! Would you just die? Who knew!?! We're flabbergasted! This announcement is likely to send ripples through the film community for decades to come!

Nightmare Before Christmas to Return in 4D!

'What the hell is 4D?', you might be asking. It's actually an old school gimmick (much like 3D itself) dusted off and updated with modern technology. You won't only have the opportunity to witness Tim Burton's popular and enduring cult flick The Nightmare Before Christmas in all three dimensions, you'll experience it live in the theater.