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Casting News for Danny Boyle's Production of Frankenstein for UK's National Theatre

Early this year we learned that Oscar winner Danny Boyle would be returning to his theatre roots with a new adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein for the stage, and as of today we know who will be playing both the Monster and his creator, Dr. Frankenstein. In an interesting twist, two people will be alternating playing the roles.

UPDATED: Exclusive: Danny Boyle Directing the Next 28 Days Later Sequel

Here's some great news to kick off your week with ... the 28 Days Later franchise thus far has been nothing short of killer with two rock-solid installments. We just got some really interesting news regarding the third film in the series.

Danny Boyle to Direct Frankenstein for UK's National Theatre

Oscar winner Danny Boyle is returning to his theatre roots as part of the National Theatre's second season for 2010 with a new adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Boyle will make his debut at the respected venue directing Nick Dear's play as a "large-scale and theatrically and visually ambitious stage production."

James Franco Spends 127 Hours with Danny Boyle

Now me? I don't want to spend 127 Hours with anyone. Why? Because I'm afraid they'd kill me! I'm quite the handful! Still, there are worse ways to pass the time and Danny Boyle's latest film explores one of the more horrific.

Spend 127 Hours with Danny Boyle

Don't get too excited, dear reader ... this has nothing to do with 28 Days Later or even 28 Weeks Later. In fact Danny Boyle's next film is a completely different beast altogether.

Boyle Working on 28 Months Later?

It’s nothing we’ve not heard before (most recently during Comic-Con); it’s just been a while since it was mentioned.

Sunshine Hits Hong Kong First

Studios that wonder why some films fail to make a profit should take a long hard look at how much effort was afforded to those bombs. Sunshine (review) is one such movie that received zero press, zero advertising and obviously few theatre goers. It has disappeared from many local cinemas and will most likely be gone all together in the next week.