Danielle Harris

Spend Some Time Behind-the-Scenes Among Friends

With the release of Danielle Harris' Among Friends on the horizon, we now have a quick look behind-the-scenes of the production of the film. Check it out below!

8Stops7 Rocks Out Among Friends

Every good horror movie needs some tasty tunes to keep the blood pumping until the old ticker is torn out and usually bitten into. That kind of thing just happens, ya know? In any event read on for the details regarding who'll be bringing the rock to Danielle Harris' Among Friends!

First Art and Details: The Farm

Some pretty nifty news is coming in for fans curious to see what the first film out of the gate from Blanc/Biehn Productions and Chiller Films will be. Strap in, kids; we've got the very first bit of news for The Farm! Dig it!

Danielle Harris' Among Friends Starts Moving

It's been a while since last there was anything to report on Danielle Harris' latest project, Among Friends, but some really good news has just floated into our offices!

Anchor Bay Takes in The Victim

Fans of the great Michael Biehn will be happy to hear that his latest film, The Victim, has found a North American home, and that means we'll be seeing it soon! Dig on the official details!

Charity Screening of Michael Biehn's The Victim to Support Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Victims

Once again the horror community steps up to prove its generosity and compassion as fanboy favorite Michael Biehn's new film The Victim will be screened in Tokyo, Japan on December 19th with all proceeds from the screening going to the county's earthquake/tsunami victims. To sweeten the pot, writer/director/star of the film Michael Biehn will be in attendance with fellow star Jennifer Blanc-Biehn.

FEARnet Acquires Domestic Rights to Tom Holland's Twisted Tales

FEARnet has announced a deal with Dead Rabbit Films to acquire the domestic rights to “Tom Holland’s Twisted Tales,” a brand new anthology series. Ten episodes of the series of short films written and directed by Tom Holland will be made available on FEARnet.com in July 2012. Dead Rabbit Films is the imprint owned by Holland and his partner David Chackler, who will also executive produce the series.

WTFilms Grabs Rights to The Victim

WTF? Rights to sell The Victim, written, directed by and starring Michael Biehn (The Terminator, The Abyss, Aliens), were purchased by WTFilms. OMG! ROTFL!

A Good Time Goes Bad in the Teaser Trailer Debut of Danielle Harris' Among Friends

We really dig the vibe of Danielle Harris' new film Among Friends because it feels just like that kind of old horror movie we used to dig on in days long gone. Need proof? Check out your first look at its new teaser trailer!

New One-Sheet and Behind-the-Scenes Images: The Ghost of Goodnight Lane

Though we just initially reported on the flick last week, a new one-sheet and a ton of behind-the-scenes images have surfaced for The Ghost of Goodnight Lane. Ready for some spooky action including a shot of the lovely Danielle Harris on-set? Of course you are!

UPDATE: Truly Badass Trailer Debut: Zebediah De Soto's Night of the Living Dead: Origins

It's been a long time coming, but then again some things are worth the wait. Especially hungry dead things looking to make you their next meal. Hold on to your asses, kids, for your first look at a new take on the classic George A. Romero film entitled Night of the Living Dead: Origins.

Stake Land (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Kelly McGillis, Danielle Harris, Michael Cerveris, Connor Paolo, Bonnie Dennison Directed by Jim Mickle

Bill Moseley and Danielle Harris to Enter the Theatre of the Devil

So we just found out that next to our offices a new theatre has opened up that charges $19.50 for a regular ticket and $22.50 for a 3D ticket to see a movie there. Mind you, this has nothing to do with the new flick Theatre of the Devil, but those money-hungry bastards can go straight to Hell.

CONTEST CLOSED! In or Near LA? Attend a Special Screening of Bellflower with Cast Members and More!

Dread Central and Oscilloscope Laboratories have teamed up to invite our Los Angeles readers to a preview screening of Bellflower on Tuesday, August 2nd, at the New Beverly Cinema. Read on for the details, including some very special guests.

Danielle Harris Wants YOU to Be Among Friends

For years Danielle Harris has been lovingly offering us the types of shocks and scares we as horror fans have been craving. We feel like we've grown up with her in a strange way, and now that she's making her way to the director's chair for Among Friends, she needs a bit of that love back!