Daniel Roebuck

Roebuck Getting Dark & Stormy

While we patiently await the release of The Lost Skeleton Returns Again, the sequel to Larry Blamire’s The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, Fangoria learned that long-time friend of the genre Daniel Roebuck will be starring in another Blamire-helmed homage to horror films of olden times.

Lost Skeleton Returns ... Again!

The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra was one of those cult movies so tailored to a particular cross section of the cult movie audience that you either really dug it or found it to be a bore. Filmmaker Larry Blamaire's loving homage/parody of 1950's sci-fi monster movies about rigid scientists, obtuse aliens, a lovelorn monster, and a diabolical skeleton plotting to conquer the world is about to get sequalized in The Lost Skeleton Returns Again.

Bryan Makers Told to Stop

So the guys who made Bryan Loves You, the movie about a cult who took over a small town in Arizona that stars George Wendt and Tony Todd, must have either hit a nerve with a group of people or are tying to play it out like that for media purposes. Either way it’s a pretty smart tactic to get attention.

Bryan Loves Updates!

Bryan is your friend. Bryan is sane. He wants nothing but the best for you. You see, as the title implies, Bryan Loves You. The folks behind the indie movie Bryan Loves You just dropped us a line with three (count ‘em three!) new posters for the film (check ‘em out below) as well as the exclusive news that a tagline has been chosen for the movie; "Meet Bryan, please. Bryan is good." Now if that’s not ominous, I don’t know the meaning of the word! Which I do!

This Trailer Loves You

Word has come down from the producers behind the indie cult horror film Bryan Loves You that, after setbacks and info being leaked left and right (though who knows if it was done on purpose to build hype), they’re throwing fans a bone with an early look at the flick’s trailer. Click here to check it out, and take some time with the five new images below. Some personal time, that is.

Wendt and Todd Find the Love

Even though we’re always hesitant when it comes to indie horror -- we’ve all been burned too many times by too much hype and not enough follow-through -- I have to admit there’s something appealing to me about the new film Bryan Loves You from writer/director Seth Landau.