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Hannah New Heads Under the Bed with Blair Witch Project Co-Director

It was 15 years ago that Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez co-wrote and co-directed The Blair Witch Project, which needless to say changed the horror game in a big way. Myrick soon returns with Under the Bed, and today the first casting announcement was made. Read on!

Radar Finds Blair Witch Co-Director Under the Bed

Not to be confused with the Steven C. Miller film of the same name, the first news of Daniel Myrick's (The Blair Witch Project) latest endeavor into evil, Under the Bed, has arrived; and we have the skinny right here.

Doctor Gash's Top 10 Greatest Horror Movies... EVER! #9 - The Blair Witch Project

Perhaps the most polarizing film on Doctor Gash's Top 10 Greatest Horror Movies…Ever! list is Number 9, The Blair Witch Project. I've heard many people talk about how they detested this film, that nothing happened, that it was a waste of time.

Editorial: Paranormal Activity Shadows The Blair Witch

When filmmakers Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez wrote and directed The Blair Witch Project, which debuted in theaters ten years ago this past summer, they ushered in a sub-genre of filmmaking that was part reliant on the power of suggestion, part pre-reality TV, and part old-fashioned exploitation fright film.

Exclusive: Blair Witch 10th Anniversary Q&A

On August 20th Hollywood's historic Egyptian Theatre hosted a 10th anniversary screening of The Blair Witch Project followed by a Q&A with several members of the film's cast and crew. Of course Dread Central was there, camera in-hand, to record the auspicious occasion.

Exclusive Update on The Blair Witch Sequel

There have been some rumblings across the World Wide Web as of late with regard to a possible sequel to The Blair Witch Project, which just recently celebrated its ten-year anniversary. In order to find out exactly what's true and what's rumor, we contacted Dan Myrick to get the lowdown.

Happy Anniversary to The Blair Witch Project

On this day exactly ten years ago, a movie dropped that would forever change the face of independent film. Love it or hate it, The Blair Witch Project stands proudly as a sterling example that anyone with the right equipment, a boatload of passion, and a bitchin' idea can make a great film outside of Hollywood.

Reach Your Objective on IFC

One of the more interesting films to cross my path thus far this year is Daniel Myrick's The Objective, which pits a group of Special Ops soldiers led by a CIA operative against a sort of "Bermuda Triangle of ancient evil" in the Afghan desert.

Myrick Preps Savant

"You'll meet this guy, have a beer with him, or whatever; a month later, you'll wake up and take everybody out at the car dealership where you bought your car.” That’s how The Objective director Daniel Myrick explains what happens when one has a run-in with the lead in the new film he’s planning, Savant.

Trailer, Poster & Stills for The Objective

IFC Films has released the final poster and trailer for The Objective (review), the new film from Blair Witch co-director Daniel Myrick. IFC will have the film in theaters starting February 4, 2009, with expansion planned starting in March. Check out the poster, trailer, and a batch of stills below!

Objective, The (2008)

Reviewed by Paul McCannibal Starring Michael C. Williams, Sam Hunter, Jeff Prewett, Jon Huertas Directed by Daniel Myrick

Tribeca Horrors 2008: The Objective

Just like our extensive and exhausting (on our side, at least) coverage from last year (read it all right here), we’re compiling as much info as we can for the horror offerings at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, going down in NYC this April 23rd – May 4th!

Daniel Myrick Plans The Objective

This week we were invited to talk to Blair Witch co-director and Otis (review) producer Dan Myrick about his upcoming projects.

Solstice (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Elisabeth Harnois, R. Lee Ermey, Shawn Ashmore, Matt O'Leary, Tyler Hoechlin Directed by Daniel Myrick Distributed by Genius Products

DVD Releases: First of '08!

Welcome in 2008 with these DVDs coming your way Tuesday, January 1st, 2008...