Daniel Benmayor

Second Paintball Clip Splats Onto the Scene

Clip #2 from Daniel Benmayor's Paintball landed online today following up the one released just a day ago! Proof positive that this new killer means business!

Paintball Clip Now Live

A new clip from Daniel Benmayor's Paintball landed online today with a fine splat, and of course we have it for you guys hot and gooey!

New Paintball Trailer Fires Away

Filmax International has released the second trailer for Daniel Benmayor's Spanish thriller Paintball, and guess what? It actually features some footage from the film. What a novel idea! Dig it!

English Language Trailer: Paintball

The English language trailer for Daniel Benmayor's slasher/shooter film Paintball has just splatted itself on the the web, and as expected it's wonderfully messy!

Official Paintball One-Sheet

Completing our coverage of the new slasher (or should I say shooter?) flick Paintball, we now have the official one-sheet available for your perusal.

Stills and Trailer: Paintball

More goods out of the Tribeca Film Festival 2009. On the hot plate? Stills and a trailer for this year's slasher entry, Paintball.

Paintball Site Now Live

An offficial website has opened for the new Flimax Spanish horror film Paintball that's filled with lots of goodies to sift through. No Spanish required (although it would be helpful)!

New Images from Paintball

You're out there alone. Just you and your weapon. Surrounding you there's nothing but people looking to shoot you right in the face. You make a wrong move, and the next thing you know you're dripping with ... paint?

Paintball Teaser Trailer

What happens when you head out in the woods to play an innocent game of paintball and then find yourself being stalked by someone with live ammo and a blatant disregard for the rules of the game? Things get bloody and you get our attention, that's what!

New Paintball Poster

I’m not sure if this poster is better or worse than the one that was put out to the public before Paintball even started rolling. I would have to say they’re at about the same level of bad, actually.

Paintball Pics Surface

Aullidos got in a batch of pics from Daniel Benmayor's horror flick Paintball. There aren't any spoiler images so feel free to gander all ya want. Who knew the a sport where you just shot other people with balls of paint could look so serious. Those bastards are packing some serious heat!

Daniel Benmayor to Play Paintball

Daniel Benmayor has been picked up to direct the Filmax International horror flick Paintball. I was not exactly sure if it was possible for one to make a scary movie out of the sport, but check out the synopsis to see how...