Dances With Films

Zack Parker's Scalene Set to Premiere at Dances with Films on June 4th

After reviewing Zack Parker's Inexchange (2005) and Quench (2008), I've been waiting to see what the young director might come up with next. Finally there's some light at the end of that tunnel as his new feature Scalene will be having its world premiere June 4th at the Dances with Films indie film festival. Read on for the details!

Spirit Camp Stalks the Dances with Films Festival

At the risk of sounding like an old codger, they just don't make slasher movies like they used to. For whatever reason, most modern filmmakers don't seem to understand what made the slashers of the early 80s work so well, and the upcoming Spirit Camp appears to be no exception. Whenever I see words like "throwback" kicking around the plot description, I'm extra skeptical as it's typically another way of saying "we made a really forced and silly comedy". Will this one prove me wrong?

Dance With Films! It's Safer Than With Wolves!

The Dances With Films festival in Los Angeles is one of the last few real "indie" fests you'll find these days. That means no big budgets, no name actors, just raw undiscovered talent.