Dance of the Damned

Director Katt Shea Taps Erik Fellows to Haunt Dance of the Damned Remake

Renowned director Katt Shea has confirmed that heartthrob actor Erik Fellows has been recruited to star in the upcoming remake of her film Dance of the Damned. Shea is again handling the directorial duties.

Dance of the Damned Slated for Remake - With the Original Director

"Remake" is a mighty dirty word round these parts. But this just might be a case of the best reason for a remake. Dance of the Damned (not of the Dead) is slated to be remade in 2012, and the original director Katt Shea will be calling the shots once again. Shea is no stranger to genre fans, helming Poision Ivy, Stripped to Kill and The Rage: Carrie II.