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Two Big Announcements from Mile High Horror Film Festival

The Mile High Horror Film Festival, running October 7-9 in (where else) Denver, Colorado, has dropped some information on us concerning their upcoming event. We have in our hot little hands the names of the first feature film and short announced to be part of the festival. Interested? Read on, Broncoville.

The Mile High Horror Film Festival Partners With FEARnet

If you're in Denver during the weekend of October 7th-9th, that trouble breathing you're having might not be from just the high altitude and lack of oxygen. It might be from the sheer terror generated by the Mile High Horror Film Festival, which recently announced a big time partnership with FEARnet.

Get Ready Denver - The Mile High Horror Film Festival Is Preparing for Takeoff

Tim Tebow is trying to bring a winning environment back to Denver, but even if the Broncos can't get their shit together again this year and there is no Super Bowl on the horizon, the Mile High City does have another pretty interesting event scheduled that might make all the fans of pigskin violence forget their gridiron woes for a while.

Ten Years of The Blair Witch Project

Wow. I remember a cubicle I had at one of my old jobs that I hung a piece of teaser art for The Blair Witch Project (the one on your right, as a matter of fact) in, which always got a lot of attention from fellow co-workers who had heard about this supposedly “found footage” of a group of campers who run afoul of the titular woods-dwelling hag.

IFC Nabs Dead Snow, Objective Release Set

Finally some horror news is coming out of this year’s Sundance, namely the word that Dead Snow has been picked up for distribution by IFC Films.

Alien Raiders DVD Details

We've been keeping tabs on Alien Raiders for some time now, even if its various name changes have made that task a bit more difficult than usual. But that's all water under the bridge now that the official DVD artwork and extras have been announced.

*UPDATED* Sublime Date Set

**UPDATE: Fangoria got the first look at the cover!** Though a lot of people who saw it may have had issues with Rest Stop, the first of Warner Bros. direct-to-DVD releases under the Raw Feed banner, the next entry in the series sounds like it has more potential to be genuinely scary.

Rest Stop Trailer Spotted

I know you’re all dying to see the first film from Warner’s Raw Feed line of direct-to-DVD horrors, Rest Stop, so perhaps we can satiate you a bit to hold you over until the film hits disc on October 17th. Wouldn’t want you hurtin’ anyone, now would we?

Myrick, Dan (The Objective)

You can't deny the fact that the first time you saw The Blair Witch Project you knew the people behind it were going places in the industry. One of them, Dan Myrick, has a new film