Damien Leone

Filmmaker Damien Leone Talks All Hallows' Eve and More

For those familiar with the grindhouse-inspired horror short “Terrifier”, the name Damien Leone might mean something to you - but the face you probably remember is that of Art the Clown. First introduced in another short called “The 9th Circle”, Art the Clown has developed into a remarkably simple but absolutely devilish character...

Monsters Mash in Frankenstein vs. The Mummy

It's always fun to imagine two iconic cinematic monsters doing battle with one another. And it's even more fun to actually have a front row seat to that battle. Now that the dust has finally settled from Freddy's fight to the almost-death with Jason, the green guy and the bandaged dude are stepping into the ring.

All Hallows' Eve (DVD)

Starring Catherine A. Callahan, Marie Maser, Katie Maguire Directed by Damien Leone Distributed by Image Entertainment

All Hallows' Eve Trailer and Release Info Trick 'r Treat Their Way Home

The full trailer for Damien Leone's All Hallows' Eve has arrived, and we're interested in seeing this one for the look of the flick's big bad alone! Check it out, and get your Halloween spirit haunting!

All Hallows' Eve Instagram Trailer Is 15 Seconds of Pure Terror

It's always cool to see filmmakers utilizing different ways to promote their movies, and this latest mini-trailer from Damien Leone's All Hallows' Eve on Instagram is a pretty damned cool way to get the fright across quickly and effectively!

Nightmarish Artwork Arrives for All Hallows' Eve

Attention, Coulrophobics. Don't read this story. You don't want to see this artwork from Damien Leone's All Hallow's Eve. It would be a big mistake. Unless of course you're a glutton for punishment. In which case... have at it.

Evil Isn't Clowning Around on All Hallows' Eve

Coulrophobics needn't read this story. If you're not sure if you have Coulrophobia, well shit, look it up! You are on your computer after all. Do we have to do everything for you? Really, dude! Read on for the first details and a frightening still from Damien Leone's All Hallow's Eve.

Teaser Trailer for The 9th Circle Promises Evil Clowns and Other Demons

Damien Leone is a horror director to keep your eyes on. His short film The 9th Circle, in which a woman is abducted by a cult for a fate worse than death, gave rise to his next short Terrifier (review), an homage to early slasher and grindhouse flicks.

Terrifier (Short, 2011)

Starring Jennifer Castellano, Michael Chmiel Mike Giannelli Directed by Damien Leone