Dallas Roberts

Exclusive: Dallas Roberts Discusses The Walking Dead Season Three and More

With “The Walking Dead” arriving on DVD and Blu-ray this week courtesy of Anchor Bay, Dread Central was fortunate to catch up with Season 3 co-star Dallas Roberts to discuss his character “Milton” and what his experiences were like working on the popular series.

The Walking Dead: Lennie James Talks Playing Morgan; Other Cast Members Talk the Season 3 Finale that Could Have Been

While we wallow in zombie-less misery until "The Walking Dead" returns, here are a video featuring Lennie James reminiscing about his two appearances as Morgan and some info on the original Season 3 finale.

Indie Horror Month Exclusive: Dallas Roberts Discusses Shadow People, The Walking Dead and More

Out this week courtesy of Anchor Bay is the indie thriller Shadow People starring Dallas Roberts, which is based on a true story about small town radio personality Charlie Crowe, who unravels a conspiracy about encounters with the mysterious shadowy figures.

Shadow People (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Dallas Roberts, Alison Eastwood, Anne Dudek, Mattie Liptak Directed by Matthew Arnold

The Walking Dead Season 3 EW Image Blow-Out

Hitting newsstands on Friday is Entertainment Weekly's "The Walking Dead" sneak peek issue. They weren't kidding either. There's a massive amount of eye candy on hand just waiting for you to chew on! Don't hesitate another moment! Feast!

This Week's EW Has The Walking Dead Covered

This week's Entertainment Weekly is home to a special preview of "The Walking Dead" Season Three, and to celebrate, the mag has released four collectors' covers. Check them all out right here.

New Character Announced for The Walking Dead Season 3

It looks like Season 3 of "The Walking Dead" is going to bring us another new character independent of the comics. He'll be working with the Governor in Woodbury, and considering how well adding Merle and Daryl to the mix turned out, we say bring him on!

Anchor Bay Sees Shadow People

Another horror flick has found a home at Cannes as THR reports that Arclight Films has struck a multi-territory deal with Anchor Bay Entertainment for Matthew Arnold's directorial debut Shadow People! Read on for the latest!

New Trailer For Shadow People Creeps Online

The first trailer has arrived online for Matthew Arnold's latest flick Shadow People, and as you may have guessed just from the title, it's nice and dark ... and spooky of course! Dig it!

Exclusive Interview: Actor Dallas Roberts on Once in a Lifetime Chances, Male Bonding and More for The Grey

Now playing in theatres is Joe Carnahan's wildly thrilling The Grey (review here), which follows a small group of oil drillers forced to survive in the Alaskan wilderness after suffering a horrific plane crash. One by one nature – as well as a clever pack of wolves – begins to leave its mark on the group as they continue to face insurmountable odds stacking up against them.

Turn on the Lights! The Shadow People One-Sheet is Here!

The movie business sure moves fast sometimes. Just days after changing its title from The Door to Shadow People and releasing the first ever stills, the first teaser one-sheet has arrived for Matthew Arnold's latest flick and it's appropriately creepy.

The Shadow People Close The Door

The Cannes Film Festival is a big event filled with big deals, big movies, and big strategic moves. One of which has just been made as the previously announced film The Door has switched its name to Shadow People. To make the change complete, we've got the first three stills for you!

Alison Eastwood Opens The Door to the Paranormal

There's something about movies concerning talk show hosts we dig. From Talk Radio to even Pump up the Volume, there's just something about them. Especially when they're horror themed like Pontypool, etc. Well, there's another one coming our way so the question beckons ... will you answer the call?