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Our official review of this weekend's interplanetary horror offering, Dark Skies, has arrived, and we have the scoop on whether it's good or just another anal probe administered by director Scott Stewart.

Dark Skies (2013)

Starring Keri Russell, Josh Hamilton, J.K. Simmons, Dakota Goyo, Kadan Rockett Directed by Scott Stewart

Dark Skies - Soundbites and Behind-the-Scenes Videos Galore

While our Dark Skies review is forthcoming (check back a bit later), we have a bunch of videos to tide you over until we dole out our verdict. Sit back and get comfy; you're likely to be here for a while.

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Exclusive: J.K. Simmons Talks Conspiracy Theorists and More for Dark Skies

This Friday Scott Stewart's creepy thriller Dark Skies lands in theaters everywhere, and to get you conspiracy theorists out there ready, Dread Central recently caught up with veteran character actor J. K. Simmons, who portrays Edwin Pollard, an expert on mysterious forces.

Evil Is Coming in This Dark Skies TV Spot

A quick TV spot has come in for Dark Skies from The Weinstein Company that warns us evil is coming. Will you be ready for it when it arrives this Friday, February 22nd?

See Dark Skies Early - On Us!

In the Los Angeles area? Stoked to see the new alien abduction flick Dark Skies before anyone else? Then we have your hook-up to check out the flick completely and totally on us! Better yet, bring your friends! We'll get them in, too!

Latest Dark Skies Poster Foreshadows the Horror to Come

When it comes to horror movies, especially advertising for horror movies, sometimes the minimalist approach is the best possible route you can take. That certainly is the case with this latest one-sheet for the upcoming alien abduction flick Dark Skies.

Probe These Four New Dark Skies Clips

A couple of days ago we brought you the first feathered clip from the upcoming UFO abduction flick Dark Skies, and now because it is Valentine's Day and we love you, here are four more!

UPDATED: Join the Valentine's Day Live Chat with Dark Skies Producer Jason Blum

Looking for something to do on Valentine's Day before joining your sweetie for a night out on the town? How about chatting with Dark Skies producer Jason Blum?

New Dark Skies Clip and Posters Are for the Birds

In a couple of weeks horror fans all over the nation will be checking out the latest alien related flick on the block, Dark Skies, and to fan the flames of excitement, we have a new clip and a pair of international posters for you!

You Are Not Welcome to this Dark Skies TV Spot

Aliens, man. Whatever they're up to, it can't possibly be good. I mean, how much harder do we have to keep patrolling our Borders to keep them out and away from American jobs? We should build a wa... what? Oh. Never mind. Here's a new TV spot for Dark Skies.

You Have Been Chosen to Navigate Dark Skies

It's your unlucky day. You have been chosen to see what they see. The question is not, “Am I being watched by extraterrestrial beings?” The question is, “How much do they already know?” Dare you find out?

New Dark Skies Infographic Keeps Track of the Bizarre

Let's just face it... every day someone, somewhere, is confronted with something that they just cannot understand or explain. Good thing this handy infographic of real-world unexplained phenomena in celebration of Dark Skies is here to give us the facts!

First Dark Skies Poster Belongs to Them

The first official one-sheet for the latest project from Dimension Films with director Scott Stewart (Priest, Legion), Dark Skies, is here and ready to lift your spirits as well as your body. Check it out!