D. Kerry Prior

Exclusive Clip and Interview with David Anders of The Revenant

D. Kerry Prior's The Revenant, a movie this writer first fell in love with during ScreamFest 2009 and celebrated during Dread Central's 2010 Indie Horror Month, recently kicked off its limited theatrical release and is still playing in selected theaters this weekend as well.

More Clips from The Revenant Rise from the Grave!

Hitting limited theatres and VOD this Friday is the awesome horror comedy The Revenant, and we have two new clips to get you in the mood for some undead mayhem. Do yourselves a favor, kids, and see this movie! It's that damned good!

Snack on this Exclusive Clip from The Revenant

We know. The weekend is over, and you're totally not looking forward to the next five days. We so hear you. Well, hopefully this exclusive and shiny new clip from the fantastic flick The Revenant can help get you through the day! And don't forget it's hitting limited theatres and VOD this Friday!

The Revenant - Theatrical One-Sheet and Image Gallery

With The Revenant getting ready to enjoy its limited theatrical run in a couple of weeks, we've dug our claws into the new one-sheet, image gallery, and official screening schedule for you cats. If this flick is ANYWHERE near you, get your butts to the theatre!

The Revenant Gets Another Trailer!

After years of silence we now have two trailers in the same week for the exceptional new flick The Revenant! Check it out the new one right here along with the older(!) one. Look for more on this monster of a movie soon!

The Revenant Gets a Trailer! Miracles DO Happen!

Man, it's been a long road to get the exceptional new flick The Revenant out there for mass consumption. Thankfully we're almost at the finish line. Dig on these new stills and a trailer for one of the most original and fun zombie flicks we've ever seen!

The Revenant Starts Rotting at Home in September

Zombie fans, rejoice! Finally the official word on just when we'll be seeing The Revenant is here along with the artwork and DVD details. This one was totally worth the wait, kids. Pack heavy and aim for the head!

Release Plans Unveiled for The Revenant

We've been singing the praises of the zombie flick The Revenant for a few years now, and finally we have a look at how and when we'll be able to sink our claws into it once again. Read on for the first release details.

AFM 2011: Lightning Media to Distribute The Revenant Stateside

Back in May we reported on Lightning Entertainment acquiring the sales rights for Kerry Prior's amazing zombie comedy The Revenant, and now on the eve of AFM 2011, they've found a distributor ... themselves! We can't blame them for not wanting to let this one go. Read on for the details.

Sales Art Debut: The Revenant

Lightning Entertainment has released the sales art for Kerry Prior's The Revenant, and we must admit it feels amazingly good to see movement on this truly top shelf indie effort! Dig on the eye candy! There's no distro news on the flick yet, but as soon as Lightning makes the deal you'll be right here in the loop.

Finally The Revenant One Step Closer to Release!

We first caught Kerry Prior's The Revenant at one of the best damned film festivals in the world, Austin, Texas' Fantastic Fest, two years ago and were instantly blown away. Finally everyone will get to see this veritable zombie masterpiece really soon as the flick has nailed down a sales agent in Lightning Entertainment. From the Press Release

Indie Horror Month: Exclusive - Director D. Kerry Prior Talks The Revenant

A few weeks back we posted a couple of cast member interviews from the indie horror flick The Revenant (review here), and we pick up our Indie Horror Month coverage today with an interview with the film’s director, D. Kerry Prior.

Indie Horror Month - Exclusive: Jacy Gross Talks The Revenant

Undoubtedly, the heart and soul of The Revenant are best friends Bart (David Anders) and Joey (Chris Wylde) but as the saying goes, for every good man there’s an equally good woman (or two in this instance) behind them. Balancing out the testosterone on the set of the film were actresses Jacy Gross and Louise Griffiths.

Indie Horror Month - Exclusive: Chris Wylde Talks Bromance and Zombies in The Revenant

In 2009 I had the pleasure of checking out The Revenant during the Screamfest Film Festival. Directed by Kerry Prior, the film stars David Anders, Chris Wylde, Jacy Gross, and Louise Griffiths and is centered around Bart (Anders), a soldier who is killed overseas in Iraq.

A Trailer for The Revenant Finds Its Way Online

When we first put up our five-knife review for D. Kerry Prior's The Revenant last May, I was a bit taken aback. Where did this flick come from, and how in the hell was it worthy of a perfect score? Well, now that I've seen it (thanks to the awesome Fantastic Fest), I have to admit that, despite it being a tad too long, it is indeed nearly flawless.