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Who's the Suspect in this Teaser for The Interrogation of Cheryl Cooper?

Albert Pyun is fighting through his health issues, and nothing's more therapeutic than doing what you love so he's back behind the camera for The Interrogation of Cheryl Cooper, a one-take film for which Pyun has released a short teaser.

Albert Pyun Conducting The Interrogation of Cheryl Cooper in One Take

Albert Pyun's one take horror film Invasion was actually pretty bitchin', and now the filmmaker's getting set to do it again on his latest flick, The Interrogation of Cheryl Cooper.

Fundraiser Kicks Off for Albert Pyun Career Celebration and Road to Hell Screening

We've been talking about Albert Pyun's Road to Hell for quite some time, and sadly, the film (his 50th!) could well be his last. Pyun's friends and fans are joining together to celebrate his career at his dream theater, Hollywood's ArcLight Cinema, but they need your help.

Updated Title, New Artwork, and Teaser Trailer for Cyborg Nemesis: The Dark Rift

It's been about a year since we last heard anything about Albert Pyun's Cyborg Nemesis, but it has expanded its title to Cyborg Nemesis: The Dark Rift and gotten some new artwork and a teaser trailer.

Promo Video for Chicago's March 9th Triple Threat Film Fest

Thinking about attending the Triple Threat Film Fest in Chicago this March, which is showing Albert Pyun's Road to Hell along with director's cuts of his earlier films Nemesis and Cyborg? Then check out this promo he cut together for the event!

New Posters Pave the Way for the Road to Hell Midwest Premiere

We told you earlier this week about Albert Pyun's Road to Hell having its Midwest premiere on March 9th at the Patio Theatre in Chicago, and the event promoter has commissioned two new posters for the film from artist Neil Klemz. Check 'em out right here!

Chicago's Patio Theatre Hosting Midwest Premiere of Road to Hell with Cyborg and Nemesis

We've been talking about Albert Pyun's Road to Hell for some time now, and if you live in or near Chicago, you can check out the Midwest premiere of the film in a "Triple Threat" along with Pyun's Cyborg and Nemesis director's cuts.

Road to Hell Wins Nine Awards at PollyGrind Film Festival 2012

Albert Pyun's Road to Hell, an unofficial sequel to the 1984 rock & roll fable Streets of Fire, swept up nine awards at the recently concluded PollyGrind Film Fest, and we have all the details and several images from the event right here.

Teaser Key Art for Cyborg Nemesis Arrives with a Warning

Director Albert Pyun always has a lot of irons in the fire, but beginning July 16th he'll be focusing strictly on one of them: Cyborg Nemesis, which replaces the previously announced Cyborgs: Rise of the Slingers and is drawn from the world of Cyborg and the action of Nemesis.

The First Teaser Arrives for Cyborgs: Rise of the Slingers

Just the other day director Albert Pyun shared an early still from his upcoming Cyborgs: Rise of the Slingers, and now we have a teaser video and some fresh artwork for the flick featuring Paige Lauren Billiot as a young Slinger in a post-apocalyptic world.

A Very Early Look at Cyborgs: Rise of the Slingers

It looks like a few more cyborgs will be joining Albert Pyun's currently in production Cyborgs: Rise of the Slingers (it was originally named Cyborg: Rise of the Slingers), and he's provided us with a sneak peek of the first test composite shot from yesterday's shoot in Las Vegas.

Artwork for Albert Pyun's Cool Air Blows In

We got the first word on director Albert Pyun's adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's Cool Air at the end of last week, and to kick of this week, we have a look at the brand new key art for the film.

First Word on New Lovecraft Adaptation Cool Air

Another H.P. Lovecraft adaptation is headed our way, this time from the man for whom "rest" is a dirty word, director Albert Pyun, who is putting the finishing touches on Cool Air, which will be debuting at the Estepona International Film Festival in September.

Watch the First 18 Minutes of Tales of an Ancient Empire

Albert Pyun's long gestating Tales of an Ancient Empire has been picked up for distribution by Liongate, but apparently the version we'll all be able to see starting January 24th isn't exactly the director's own vision for the film so he's decided to release the first 18 minutes of his cut for comparison's sake. Check it out!

A Sneak Peek of Roxy Gunn Performing in Road to Hell

As we told you at the end of October, director Albert Pyun finished filming the final scenes of his Road to Hell at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, including two music performances with The Roxy Gunn Project, and now he's sent over a raw production track of Roxy's performance of "Nowhere Fast".