creature feature

Subterranean Horror Surfaces When Beast Beneath Ascends to DVD Next Year

Fans of old school rubber suit monster effects like myself will have a new creature feature to be hopeful about shortly when Beast Beneath, about a monster from the netherworld guarding a fortune in treasure, sees daylight early next year.

Lance Henriksen Stars in Upcoming Creature Feature/Survival Horror Film It's in the Blood

With a career spanning five decades, Lance Henriksen is not a young man. But it's apparent from the trailer for It's in the Blood no one has told him this. Henriksen leaves everything in the woods for the high intensity film in which he battles his son, the elements and horrific creatures.

Get Ready For An Army of Wolves!

Nazi werewolves! I'm not referring to David Kessler's nightmare sequences from An American Werewolf in London, either. After watching this trailer for the upcoming Army of Wolves, however, you may wish that I was.