Craig Singer

Get the First Look - and Listen - at Shit Zombies Say

Director Craig Singer dropped us a line to let us know about his new video entitled Shit Zombies Say, which isn't quite a short film... more like part of a bigger event. Read on for the details (scarce though they might be) and to see it for yourself.

Q&A with Skateboarding Zombie Ollie Mongo and Some Exclusive New Artwork

It’s not every day, fright fans, one gets to interview the walking dead via e-mail so without further delay let me introduce Ollie Mongo: Skateborder, Zombie, New Jerseyan—hailing from Exits Unknown. He comes from the zombie future but through the magic of 1’s and 0’s has reached out to us in this present time to say hey, he’s undead and loving it. Ollie also wants nothing less than to share his world with us modern human beings. Dare you read ahead?

Perkins' 14 (2009)

Reviewed by Debi Moore Starring Patrick O'Kane, Richard Brake, Shayla Beesley, Mihaela Mihut, Michale Graves Directed by Craig Singer

NYCC: Singer Talks Two New Projects

Craig Singer, director of two Horrorfest titles, Dark Ride (pictured) and Perkins’ 14, got to chatting with Fearnet during the New York Comic Con and discussed two new films he’s working on, one of which is a top-secret remake of a zombie film.

Perkins' Director Talks Horror 101

Now that we’ve all had a chance to see Craig Singer’s follow up to Dark Ride, the Horrorfest feature Perkins’ 14, I’m sure the prominent question in everyone’s mind is; what is he doing next? Well, I’m glad you asked!

Massify Launches Perkins' 14 Site

Just a few more weeks until we get to see if Massify’s experiment with creating and casting a film exclusively online will pay off when Perkins’ 14 rolls into theaters as part of Horrorfest III, January 9th – 15th. Until then there’s a lot of goodies for it online you can spend some time with.

Official Poster Art for Perkins' 14

With the 2009 After Dark HorrorFest literally right around the corner, all sorts of exclusive goodness has been oozing its way online. The latest chunk? The final poster art for Perkins' 14. FEARnet scored the first look at this very retro poster and I have to say, I dig it.

Perkins' 14 Poster Winner!

Wow, I have to say I’m pretty impressed; the poster you see below for Perkins' 14 was the winning entry in Massify’s poster design competition. It was designed by a guy named Justin and, as you can tell, is about as retro as they come. I have to admit it; I love it!

Perkins' 14 Now in Post

Perkin’s 14, a film about cults, murder, and redemption, reached picture lock recently and is currently at Molinare, a post-production house in the UK. During a recent visit to the film’s editing room, director Craig Singer told us that Perkins' 14 is the real deal: all practical effects, a cast filled with non-SAG actors and dash of 70’s horror show.

Massify Launches Perkins' 14 Poster Contest!

Keeping the power in the hands of online horror fans ... hey, that rhymes and sure would make a damn good slogan for Massify, the production house that developed and cast Perkins’ 14, one of next year’s 8 Films to Die For, exclusively online. Now they’re keeping the tradition alive by giving fans the chance to create the Perkins’ 14 poster!

Graves Talks Perkins', Misfits

During the recent Monster Mania convention, when we gave you guys the first look at Craig Singer’s Perkins’ 14, we started hearing that former Misfits frontman Michale Graves’ role in the film wasn’t just a glorified cameo like we had assumed, but actually a real acting part.

Exclusive: First Look at Perkins' 14!

A very cool surprise showed up in our inbox a few minutes ago: the first look at Craig Singer’s Perkins' 14, the first film to be made utilizing all the wondrous tools of our interwebs.

Perkins' 14 Gets Four

Well, things are moving along nicely for Craig (Dark Ride) Singer's next experiment with After Dark Films, the Horrorfest entry Perkins' 14. A recent casting call on Massify, where the film had its origins, has yielded the primary leads for the horror film, which will be a part of the upcoming 8 Films to Die For.

Brake, Richard (Perkins' 14)

Richard Brake has done a lot in his relatively short time in cinema; he got his start in the low-budget sci-fi/horror hybrid Death Machine and has gone on to work along

Singer, Craig (Perkins' 14)

So maybe this year’s After Dark Horrorfest didn’t exactly set the box office on fire; hell I’m not even sure if it placed in the top 50. It’s a shame, too, because some of the film’s in this y