Craig Rosenberg

Flight 7500 Officially Delayed; Feel Free to Deplane Until Further Notice

Anyone who is familiar with spending time in airports first-hand can attest to the fact that there's no bigger pain in the ass then finding out that your flight has been delayed. So why should fictitious airports and flights be any different?

Check Out the 7500 In-Flight Experience

Just yesterday we brought you the teaser trailer for Takashi Shimizu's 7500, and now it's available in a new "In-Flight Experience" mode on the film's official website whereby your computer screen moves along with the video. It's pretty cool - check it out!

Teaser Trailer for 7500 Flies the Frightening Skies

Well now, that was quick. Believe it or not, a teaser trailer for Takashi Shimizu's airborne spooker 7500 has just landed online, and with it comes a whole lot of supernatural scares. Dig it!

Scout Taylor-Compton Punks Out on 7500

A couple of days ago we showed you the first still from Takashi Shimizu's airborne spooker 7500. Now Entertainment Weekly has released an expanded look at the picture revealing a very punky Scout Taylor-Compton. Dig it!

Bad Things Happening in Latest Still From 7500

Even though we cannot see what they're all looking at, it's a safe bet that everyone in this latest still from 7500 is face-to-face with something truly bad. I mean, come on, have you ever seen Turtle from "Entourage" scared of anything?!?

Another Actor Gets a Boarding Pass for Flight 7500

Here at Dread Central we're huge fans of Takashi Shimizu so we're uber-jazzed about his next foray into the world of fright, 7500. We're even happier about the flick's casting. Speaking of which, you can add another doomed passenger to the ever growing flight manifest.

Alex Frost Takes Off for Takashi Shimizu's 7500

You may wanna check in those over-sized carry-on items because Flight 7500 is getting mighty full. More casting news is here for the new film from the director who knows all about holding a Grudge. Read on for the details.

Entourage Star Takes Off on Flight 7500

There's more casting news coming in for Takashi Shimizu's new film 7500. A very familiar face to fans of HBO's "Entourage" has come on board for some supernatural hijinx, and Vince won't be able to help him this time.

More Casting News for Takashi Shimizu's 7500

To go along with the new concept artwork coming out of AFM 2011 for Takashi Shimizu's new film 7500, today we have news of three more cast members signing up to take to the unfriendly skies found in the film.

Lionsgate Locks Peter Cornwell in The Panopticon

From the brief summary provided by Lionsgate, the studio's upcoming sci-fi thriller The Panopticon doesn't seem to have a lot in common with an actual Panopticon, a type of prison designed by philosopher Jeremy Bentham in the late 1700's wherein all the cells are visible from the center of the building, but with The Haunting in Connecticut director Peter Cornwell at the helm, it's sure to be a fun ride anyway.