Craig Hall

Horny New One-Sheets for The Devil's Rock

Here at Dread Central we are big fans of badass poster art and have several hanging in our hallowed halls. After seeing these latest bits of eye candy for The Devil's Rock, we're likely to be hanging up a couple more.

AFM 2011: Demonic New Stills From The Devil's Rock

We've all been waiting patiently to park our collective asses upon The Devil's Rock. It's been a while, but it is coming. In the interim dig on these new stills.

Fantasia 2011: New Still from The Devil's Rock

Getting ready to make its debut at this year's Fantasia Film Festival is the D-Day horror thriller The Devil's Rock, and to get you all geared up for the film's release, we've got a new still for ya to chew on! The Devil’s Rock, directed and co-written by Paul Campion, stars Craig Hall, Matthew Sunderland, Gina Varela and Karl Drinkwater.

Entertainment One Parks on The Devil's Rock

With all sorts of deals happening at Cannes 2011, we're trying to keep our heads above water to bring you only the news you, the horror fan, care about. Case in point ... the D-Day horror thriller The Devil's Rock getting a home.

War is Truly Hell at The Devil's Rock

The atrocities of war have given birth to some of the most horrific images imaginable. Things that we'll never be able to erase from our collective memories. As if the real life horrors surrounding these events weren't bad enough, can you image what would happen if some supernatural shenanigans were sprinkled in?