New Not Safe For Work Coyote Clip Will Have You Howling

Here's a clip from an arthouse horror film that has been banned at some film festivals and has won awards at others in its first public screenings: controversial director Trevor Juenger's Coyote.

New Super 8 Werewolf Short Coyote Is a Real Howl

Things are about to get hairy, kids, because we've got a short film on tap for you that will leave your fangs dripping! Even cooler? It was filmed on Super 8. Yep, glorious Super 8! Check it out and bask in its coolness!

Bill Oberst Jr. Gets Creepy Again in Trailer for Upcoming Film Coyote

There have always been two things we can count on…death and taxes. We'd like to petition adding "Bill Oberst, Jr., will be creepy in his next film" to that list. Oberst delivers big time every time out, and his new film, Coyote, is no different.