Cowboys for Christ

Cowboys for Christ on Hold?!

The movie being touted as the somewhat kinda-sorta unofficial sequel to the classic 1973 film The Wicker Man (review) has hit a little snag.

Cowboys For a Wicker Rear?

Holy Cowboys for Christ! Whose butt did we really see doubling for Britt Ekland in Robin Hardy's 1973 Wicker Man (review)? Jane Jackson, right? No?! Oh my God, who?!

Hardy's Cowboys Ready to Roll

Fangoria has provided some interesting news about Wicker Man helmer Robin Hardy's slated return to the director's chair with a "reimagining" of his 1973 classic film (Collector's Edition DVD review here).

Hardy Finds Cowboys for Christ

Over the years, Robin Hardy’s “companion piece” to his original 1973 Wicker Man has undergone more title changes than I can possibly recall (I’ve done a lot of drugs in those years).