Wicked New One-Sheet: The Last Exorcism

Lionsgate's forthcoming fright flick The Last Exorcism (formerly known as Cotton) has gotten itself a brand new synopsis, one-sheet, and website; and we have a look at everything for you!

Lionsgate's The Last Exorcism to Premiere at the LA Film Festival

Just when we were beginning to think that religious-themed horror films had gone the way of the dodo bird, Lionsgate readies a promising little chiller that looks to revitalize the subgenre. And it's about time!

Lionsgate Attends The Last Exorcism This August

Lionsgate has given the Eli Roth produced possession film The Last Exorcism, formerly known as Cotton, a release date, and what better time than summer could there be to turn up the heat?

Lionsgate Nabs Cotton, Changes Title to Last Exorcism

Finally the Eli Roth produced possession film Cotton has gotten itself some distribution! We love us some feisty demons, damn it!

AFM: Spooky First Images from Eli Roth's Cotton

One project that's been on our radar for a long while now is the Eli Roth produced possession film Cotton. Now that the first few images of the film have oozed out of AFM, we're even more stoked! Synopsis Disillusioned by years of defrauding poor believers of their hard-earned cash, evangelical preacher Cotton Marcus decides to put the record straight by producing a spectacular documentary.

Eli Roth-Produced Cotton Screening for Sundance

Eli Roth was an attendee of Mexico's Morelia Film Festival, where he updated the media on all his latest projects, including one that's been conspicuously light on the details, Cotton, which Roth is producing only along with Strike Entertainment.

Cannes: Posters for And Soon the Darkness, Cotton, and More!

First Showing.net is all over Cannes and has given us glimpses of the Croisette, the infamous street which studios and prod cos line with ad material for highly anticipated features, and those still seeking distribution for their films.

*Update* Possible Cotton Casting News

It's been a couple of months since we last mentioned the cinéma-vérité style film Cotton from Scott Spiegel, Boaz Yakin, and Eli Roth's production company, Raw Nerve, but it seems as if there's finally some movement to report on.

AFM: Cotton, Look & Red Art

All right, so after a couple of days of good updates, I will admit we got a bit slack on our AFM coverage, so I’m going to try and catch you guys up with some of the better promo art that’s been showing up on STYD. First up is Cotton, the religious-themed horror film we first mentioned a few days ago that was produced for Eli Roth about a priest who agrees to have his last performed exorcism documented for prosperity. Dig a tease below; click it for the whole thing.

Studio Canal Acquires Red Riding, Cotton

As this year's AFM rolls on, Variety reports that Studio Canal has picked up the international rights to the Yorkshire Ripper Trilogy, Red Riding, the three-part film being written by Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas penner Tony Grisoni based on the novel series by David Peace.