The Last Exorcism Brilliantly Spooking Teens Via Chatroulette

We here at Dread Central LOVE viral marketing. New and ingenious ways to market movies have popped up over the last several years, but this? This takes the damned cake!

First Two TV Spots: The Last Exorcism

With the release of Lionsgate's The Last Exorcism (review here) nearly upon us, the first two TV spots have come, and we've been compelled to share them with you!

First Clip from The Last Exorcism Slithers its Way Online

The time is almost upon us! In just a couple of weeks audiences everywhere will finally get a chance to dunk their Eucharists into the pungent unholy wine of Lionsgate's new chiller The Last Exorcism. While you're waiting patiently for your terror fix, how about a quick clip?

Exclusive Twisted One-Sheet Debut - The Last Exorcism; Find Out How to be a Twitic!

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New Stills: Daniel Stamm's The Last Exorcism

The weeks are ticking away until Lionsgate's end of summer chiller The Last Exorcism (review here) demonizes its way into theatres across the country, and we have some more stills of the possessed for you to dig on!

Want to See The Last Exorcism for Free? Of Course You Do!

The release of Lionsgate's The Last Exorcism is just a couple of weeks away, and you, dear reader, are about to find out just how you can see it ... FOR FREE!

New Footage Surfaces - The Last Exorcism

The days are quickly ticking away until audiences everywhere can sink their claws into the chilling goodness of Daniel Stamm's The Last Exorcism (review here), and to get you even more excited to see the flick, a new trailer has surfaced that showcases some of the sick that's in store for you!

New International One-Sheet: The Last Exorcism

Lionsgate's The Last Exorcism (review here) is just a few weeks away and the hype machine is in full swing! Ready to dig on the latest international one-sheet?

Two New Stills: The Last Exorcism

A couple of more stills have surfaced via Studio Canal for Lionsgate's The Last Exorcism (review here) and we have every holy water splashed pixel for ya!

Early Review: The Last Exorcism

Updated: The Last Exorcism review. Even though the movie is about two months away from its wide release, we have the early word on whether or not Lionsgate's The Last Exorcism plays as either a devilish delight or a flaccid PG-13 snoozer!

The Last Exorcism Gets Rated

Lionsgate's forthcoming fright flick The Last Exorcism (formerly known as Cotton) has gotten itself a rating, and it looks like this new demonic oppressor won't be too much of a potty mouth.

The Last Exorcism Goes Viral - Visit the Church of St. Marks Online

Here at Dread Central we're big fans of viral marketing. It's always interesting to see to what lengths folks will go to get their stuff out there to its intended audience. In anticipation of its upcoming release of The Last Exorcism, Lionsgate is providing the online community a chance to get to know Reverend Cotton Marcus just a little bit better.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win Tickets to See The Last Exorcism at The LA Film Festival

In LA and looking to attend the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 24th to check out Lionsgate's new shocker The Last Exorcism? Well, here's your chance to do so on us!

Trailer Debut: Lionsgate's The Last Exorcism

Ready for the first official trailer for Lionsgate's upcoming stab at demonic possession, the Eli Roth produced The Last Exorcism, formerly known as Cotton? Well then, pop a eucharist, get on your knees, and gaze upon its terrors!

Two New Images: The Last Exorcism

Two more images from Lionsgate's forthcoming fright flick The Last Exorcism (formerly known as Cotton) have found their way online, and we're compelled by Christ to show them to you!