Win an Evening with Scream Queen Brooke Lewis in Support of Manga/Anime/Cosplay Film Black Hat

Upcoming manga/anime-themed feature film Black Hat is currently in the fundraising stage, and among the cool incentives being offered is an opportunity to attend the premiere with one of the stars, Brooke Lewis herself!

In the UK Alien Loves Predator

Ever hear the expression "Make Love Not War"? Well, apparently said message has made its way into the deepest reaches of our galaxy. Or at the very least the UK. Check out this latest crop of images that will bring a little love to your Friday!

Some of the Best Walking Dead Cosplay Yet!

We here at Dread Central appreciate the time and effort fans put into the art of Cosplay more than you can imagine. Some of the things we've come across have left our jaws on the floor. Especially this latest video. Prepare to be wowed.

Goldilocks in Zombie Land Reveals New Issue #1 Cosplay Cover

Goldilocks in Zombie Land, available from Comic Book Divas, held a cosplay contest last year with the winner being featured on a special variant cover of the first issue. CBD recently announced that the winner of the contest was none other than Dread Central's own Amanda Dyar.