Corin Nemec

Dracano (2014)

Starring Corin Nemec, Victoria Pratt, Mia Faith, Dominka Juillet, Robert Newman, Troy Evans, Gina Holden Directed by Kevin O’Neill

This New Robocroc Clip Proves Fishing Can Be Deadly

It was back in October of 2012 when Foy first brought Robocroc to our attention, and now Syfy is set to bring it to our TV sets. The film debuts Saturday, September 14th, at 9/8c, and we have a sneak peek of it right here.

Take a Bite Out of the Trailer for RoboCroc

For the majority of this trailer you’ll probably find yourself thinking this film looks like a Syfy knock-off of Piranha 3DD but with a crocodile terrorizing a water park instead. Except this is no ordinary crocodile - it’s RoboCroc!

Dragon Wasps Buzzing onto VOD March 7th from XLrator Media

Our friends across the pond in the UK have been enjoying Dragon Wasps for a while now, but come March 7th, thanks to XLrator Media, we'll be seeing it on VOD here in the States as well, followed by a DVD release on April 9th.

Witness Commandos Battle Dinosaurs in Jurassic Attack

With Jurassic Park being rereleased in 3D this summer and another trip to the island of dinosaurs set for next summer, it really shouldn’t come as any surprise that b-moviemakers are already gearing up with movies like Jurassic Attack for the return of the cinematic dino craze.

Dragon Wasps (UK DVD)

Starring Corin Nemec, Dominika Juillet, Benjamin Easterday, Nikolete Noel Directed by Joe Knee Distributed by Chelsea Films

Check Out a Mind-Blowing New Dragon Wasps Clip!

As we get ever closer to the September 17th UK DVD release of Dragon Wasps, the buzz is increasing, and as such, we have a brand new clip for you to feast your mandibles on – entitled "Head Explosion." Yummy!

Dragon Wasps Fly in With a New Clip

As distributor Chelsea Films gears up for the impending UK DVD release of creature feature Dragon Wasps, a new clip has landed that lets you take a quick peek at a couple of the titular fire-breathing winged beasties. We don’t think bug spray’s gonna cut it here, folks!

Sand Sharks Prowl the Beaches on US DVD This Summer

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... Who needs water when a prehistoric species of sand-swimming sharks begins prowling the beach? Sand Sharks is poised to be the schlockbuster of the summer.

Second Trailer for Dragon Wasps Scorches the Interwebs

There are times when we really, really appreciate our jobs. Instead of slaving away at the usual 9 to 5'er, we get to report on horror movies. The crazier, the better. One look at this second trailer for Dragon Wasps, and you, too, will be grinning from ear-to-ear!

Dragon Wasps Trailer Fully Loaded with Giant Fire-Breathing Bug Action

Piranhaconda isn’t the only new b-movie creature trailer dropping today. Gigantic fire-spewing wasps terrorize soldiers in the trailer for Dragon Wasps. Is it wrong I think this looks more fun than Piranhaconda?

Sand Sharks Swim Home to VOD

Some good old fashioned cheesy mayhem is on its way from Phase 4 Films as they're bringing the long talked about Sand Sharks Stateside to bite you directly on your ass!

Sand Sharks (UK DVD)

Starring Corin Nemec, Gina Holden, Julie Berman, Brooke Hogan Directed by Mark Atkins Distributed by Chelsea Films

Sand Sharks Trailer is Here to Bring Joy to the World

I don’t care what sweet candy you get in your trick or treat bag this Halloween; this just posted trailer for Sand Sharks is the tastiest treat you’ll snack on all day. It’s the Piranha 3D meets Blood Beach movie you’ve been waiting for.

Sand Sharks Sales Art Sneaks Up From Below

Yep. It's exactly what you think it is. To quote a much beloved character from a certain Dead series ... "You stick your head in the sun, and they gonna come up behind you and bite off your ass!" Dig on some early sales art below. From the Press Release