The Convent

Exclusive New Images Found in the Crypt

Time for an exclusive bit of lunacy from the upcoming British import Crypt. Stick that in your Friday end-of-day work clock countdown and smoke it. Or don't smoke it. That could be bad. Instead just check 'em all out. Then smoke something else.

The Convent Renamed Crypt; New Artwork and Trailer

Alrighty, kids! Time for some new tidbits of British goodness for you! On tap right now are the first trailer and new artwork for Mark Murphy's upcoming film Crypt (formerly The Convent). Dig it!

Mike Mendez Heading Back to The Convent?

If you're unfamiliar with Mike Mendez's classic The Convent from 2000, then you cats should fix that immediately by getting a copy of the DVD. Simply put, it rules. I mean really, really rules. As someone with Nun-o-phobia, I can tell you this one screwed me up good!

Exclusive First Stills - Bad Things Happening Inside The Convent

Just a few days ago we let you know about the new film from director Mark Murphy. Today we have the first stills for you, both behind-the-scenes and otherwise. Read on for more and to inject a little demonic action into your weekend!

Mark Murphy Enters The Convent - Check Out the Poster

We've gotten word on a cool British horror film that is just getting under way: Writer/director Mark Murphy has started filming The Convent in London. We'll keep you updated on this one, but for now dig the cool promo poster.

The Convent Becomes a Haunted Dorm in Latest Paranormal Activity Copycat

Ever since the success of Paranormal Activity, everyone's walking around with cameras, setting up make-shift stunts, and passing it off as real footage. The latest to join the ever growing crop? The Convent, not to be confused with the Mike Mendez classic of the same name.