CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Signed Raven One-Sheet and The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe

With The Raven flying into theatres this weekend, we figured that it'd be just about time to start loading you cats up with some juicy, and of course free, goodies. Read on! You may even learn something!

CONTEST CLOSED! In L.A.? Then We Could Be Sending YOU to See The Raven at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on April 25th

You know the old adage the early bird gets the worm? Well, what if that worm were writhing on a mangled corpse just seconds before a raven swooped down for the kill? Ah, the luxuries of being early! Speaking of which...

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of The Divide, The Wicker Tree, and Mother's Day in the Anchor Bay Three-Way Blu-ray Contest!

Anchor Bay is heading into spring with some really big guns aimed at us in terms of their horror releases. Each week starting right now they're dropping bombs like The Divide, The Wicker Tree, and Mother's Day, and we're giving em all away in a Blu-ray bundle!

CONTEST CLOSED! Snag Yourself Free Tix To Sci-Fi Spectacular in Chicago, April 28

In our unending quest to land free stuff for every single reader of Dread Central, we bring something special for those of you in the Dread Central Chicago Chapter. Read on for info on winning a pair of tix to Sci-Fi Spectacular, a 14-hour sci-fi/horror movie marathon!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win Heller's Leather Jacket from Prototype 2

You want badass? You've got badass! In anticipation of the April 24th release of Prototype 2, we're giving away the holy grail of promo items for this game ... Heller's jacket!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of The Divide on DVD and Blu-ray

With the April 17th home video release of The Divide rapidly approaching, we figured that now would be a really good time to give away a few copies. We're good like that. Wanna win? Get to clickin'!

CONTEST CLOSED! The Cabin in the Woods - Win the Coolest Prize Pack EVER!

Here at Dread Central we've given away a lot of cool stuff. From DVDs to Blu-ray players to iPhones, there's not a lot of ground we haven't covered. But this prize package? It just has us grinning from ear-to-ear!

CONTEST CLOSED! The Raid: Redemption - Win a Signed One-Sheet!

I was just sitting around talking about the flick The Raid with my cohorts, and we're all in agreement that when you see this movie, you're gonna lose your shit over it. That being said ... with something this cool a true fan should own something special from it!

CONTEST CLOSED! UK Readers: Enter Corman's World with a Free Copy on Blu-ray!

One of the most iconic genre filmmakers in history, Roger Corman has visited a vast and wildly eclectic number of cinematic corners to the delight of decades of horror fans. Now, in celebration of the release of Corman’s World, we have a Blu-ray copy of this amazing documentary to give away!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Alien Opponent on DVD

Yep, it's the point in the day again. It's lunchtime here on the left coast, and we're ready to share. Not our food of course. We'll break your friggin' hand should you try and nab that, but we are giving away Shout! Factory's new flick Alien Opponent on DVD!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Deliverance from Evil on DVD

In honor of Indie Horror Month we figured, 'Hey! Why not give away a new indie horror flick that's just made its way to DVD?' That's exactly what we're doing! Read on for your chance to win a copy of Deliverance from Evil!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Monster-Sized DVD and Blu-ray Package in Honor of Corman's World

Here at Dread Central we pride ourselves on delivering the best content and coolest stuff imaginable to you cats. That's why when a contest comes our way too big to resist we bring it immediately to you!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Battle Royale on Blu-ray

Never mind The Hunger Games. If you want to see the young adult vs. young adult theme done right, look no further than the classic film Battle Royale. Even better? We have your chance to score a copy on us!

CONTEST CLOSED! In NYC? Win a Pair of Tickets to Silence! The Musical

It's been several months since we first heard about Silence! The Musical, an Off Broadway parody of Silence of the Lambs, but after four sold-out extensions already, it's looking like a hit. And we've got two pairs of tickets to give away to two lucky readers!

CONTEST CLOSED! Here's Your Chance To See Cropsey on Constellation.tv for Free

You know we're always looking out for you…trying to find ways to make that horror dollar stretch just a little further. We all know how it is. So read on for your chance to see the creepy documentary Cropsey, hosted by the directors, on Constellation.tv this Sunday.