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CONTEST CLOSED! Exclusive Early Look at the Chopper Season One Finale and Chance to Win Some Free Swag



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We’ve been talking about the web series Chopper for a while now, and to coincide with the final weekend of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival (one of the show’s sponsors), we’ve been given an early look at the Season One finale (aka Slice 9) to share with our readers.

DILEMMA, a Los Angeles-based Branded Entertainment and Marketing Communications Agency, is releasing the ninth and final episode of Season 1 of its successful horror series Chopper as an exclusive with Dread Central for the entire weekend starting today, August 3rd. The first eight episodes and promotional videos for the series have already generated over 2 million branded views for presenting sponsors Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival and Sullen Clothing this past year after the series’ producers began strategically rolling out content shortly after filming took place on location during Mayhem Festival 2011.

International fright icons Tyler Mane (Michael Myers, Rob Zombie’s Halloween) and Andrew Bryniarski (Leatherface, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) have been showcased alongside rising stars Tim Phillipps (The CW’s “The Secret Circle”), Victor Newmark (“Sons of Anarchy”), Ruth Pineda (“LA Ink”), Quinn Dahle (“Conan O’Brien”), and others throughout the series as past episodes have been unveiled via the Chopper YouTube Channel, where you can catch up on the previous eight episodes.

The series also features music and cameos from heavy metal legends Ministry and Machine Head as well as other rocking bands including Unearth, The Slow Forward, Lords of Ruin, Dismantled, Underoath, and Straight Line Stitch. Additionally, the band Attika7 – fronted by former Biohazard singer Evan Seinfeld – has numerous songs featured from their debut album Blood of My Enemies, which was also just released this past week.

Chopper is a contemporary spin on the timeless Sleepy Hollow mythology. Storylines revolve around a headless outlaw biker seeking vengeance in the afterlife by killing mortal sinners. The series serves as a prequel storyline to the Chopper comic written by Martin Shapiro, which was released last Halloween by Asylum Press. DILEMMA’s principal J.C. Christofilis also served as writer, producer, and director on the series and worked closely with the Rockstar Mayhem Fest promoters to actually integrate the festival as a pivotal location in the storyline.

J.C. noted, “I have a genuine passion for horror and heavy metal, and my intent has always been to create an experience that truly merges the best of both these worlds with an innovative concept perfectly suited for story extensions via online, film, television, music, and gaming platforms. The combination of placing iconic Hollywood talent from the horror genre against the premier backdrop for world-class rock bands has resulted in a hardcore cocktail of gut-wrenching gore and ear-splitting tunes that fans are clearly excited about.”

The show’s producers tested various release patterns and witnessed social media traction as episodes for Season 1 were released in a staggered fashion to allow time for reshoots that infused Season 1 with more characters, more VFX, and more music after the success of initial episodes set the stage for expanded storylines. J.C. added, “Season 1 of the Chopper series has given birth to a fun, original fright icon that has the potential to become the next great horror franchise. We’re excited to bring fans the explosive end to our first batch of online backstories that will enhance the overall experience as Chopper’s legend continues to grow. And I personally want to thank my friends at Rockstar Mayhem Fest and Sullen for being bold enough to support such killer content here at the outset.”

Exclusive Early Look at the Chopper Season One Finale and Chance to Win Some Free Swag

In addition, several of the Chopper sponsors have put together a grab bag of swag that we’ll be passing out to some lucky winners who comment on and share the news about the finale via social media such as Facebook and/or Twitter. Just send us an EMAIL HERE (the address is, including your full name, mailing address, and a link to your remarks. These are just a few of the items you could win:

  • T-shirts and stickers from Sullen Clothing
  • The latest Ministry CD: Relapse
  • The latest Machine Head CD: Unto the Locust
  • The latest Unearth CD: Darkness in the Light
  • The debut CD from Attika7: Blood of My Enemies
  • Rockstar Energy Drinks

    Exclusive Early Look at the Chopper Season One Finale and Chance to Win Some Free Swag

    Stay up-to-date by keeping your eyes on the official Chopper website, the Chopper Facebook page, and the Chopper Twitter feed (@ChopperLives).

    Got news? Click here to submit it!
    Start chopping in the comments section below!

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    Have you ever thought to yourself that you’d be over the moon if you could get killed off by Jason Voorhees? Of course I’m not talking about real life but rather you’d get to play a victim of the infamous Camp Crystal Lake slasher? Well, we know just how incredible that would be, so we want to make that dream turn into a reality for one lucky winner!

    We’ve teamed up with Blue Wizard Digital to give one reader the chance to connect with the studio, send over some pictures, and get yourself turned into a digital avatar that will live in the world of Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle! There, you will be one of the characters that may very well meet an untimely and suitably gruesome (yet probably hilarious) end!

    To see what this might look like for you, check out our own Uncle Creepy, who was turned into an avatar in the game! Then, come on back here, head down below, and fill out the form to enter!

    Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle is on track to be released as a free mobile game in early 2018. There are rumblings that it may even come to consoles, but nothing is confirmed as of yet.

    For more information, go to the official Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle website.

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    Contest: Win One of 5 DVD Copies of The Elf



    ‘Tis the season to get slaughtered!

    Already out on VOD and coming to DVD on December 12 is Uncork’d Entertainment’s The Elf (review). Since we are always in the giving spirit during the holiday season, we want to gift five of you lucky readers each one copy of the film and entering couldn’t be easier! All you have to do is fill out the form below and that’s it! All the rules and restrictions can be found there, so be sure to read them to make sure you know what you’re getting into and to make sure you qualify.

    Directed by Justin Price and starring Natassia Halabi and Les Best, The Elf follows a man whose past involves a tragic and terrible murder. Now that he’s all grown up, he’s inherited an old toy store that is packed with wondrous and delightful oddities. However, one toy seems a bit too sinister for his liking and he finds out that this strange elf is actually an evil channel by which those who are deemed naughty by Christmas must pay the ultimate price… It’s up to this man to stop the creature once its killing spree begins!

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    Read an Exclusive Excerpt from The Ren Faire at the End of the World



    Earlier this month we provided you with the first look at the cover art for Josef Matulich’s The Ren Faire at the End of the World, Book #3 in his Arcanum Faire horror-comedy trilogy about sex, magick, and power tools. Now, as promised, we’re back with an exclusive excerpt from the new novel along with a chance for you to win a copy!

    The Ren Faire at the End of the World serves as the sequel to both Camp Arcanum and Power Tools in the Sacred Grove. It’s available on Kindle now and arrives in trade paperback courtesy of Post Mortem Press tomorrow (November 28th).

    To enter for your chance to win, just send an email to including your FULL NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS along with “The Ren Faire at the End of the World” in your subject line. We’ll take care of the rest.

    This contest will end at 12:01 AM PT on December 4, 2017. Note: By entering this contest, you are consenting to allow Dread Central and its subsidiaries use of your email address.

    Now, ready to check out the excerpt? CLICK HERE to download the PDF, and enjoy!

    The time of sex, magick, and power tools is coming to an end. In spite of the worst legal, economic, and metaphysical efforts of Jeremiah Stone and his surviving family, it is almost opening day at Arcanum Faire. Marc Sindri wields his shovel and noumena against all comers as the witch Brenwyn explores the concept of non-accidental sex magick.

    Construction workers, witches, and minions on all sides deal with all the most fearful things in Arcanum, Ohio: reanimated road-kill, raging queens, pike-wielding re-enactors, meat puppets, a Wiccan non-witch, and Eleazar’s terrifying encounter with monogamy.

    And there’s always the question of the second anvil.

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