Conor McMahon

New Artwork Will Keep You in Stitches

For Coulrophobics anything having to do with the movie Stitches is kind of like a crucifix to a vampire or a bullet to the head of a zombie. You just want to stay away from it. This latest one-sheet is absolutely no exception. Read on if you dare.

Stitches Is Ready for His Close-Up

Seriously ... if you suffer from Coulrophobia, do yourself a favor and skip this entire article. No good will come of it for you. Just move on; there's nothing to see here. Not even your first good look at a murderous one-eyed clown. Move along now. Thanks for coming. See ya later.

Stitches Wraps! First Official Still!

If you suffer from Coulrophobia, you may just want to skip this entire article. However, if the thought of a super-evil clown more than floats your boat, brothers and sisters, you've just hit paydirt!

AFM 2011: MPI Gets Stitches

And MPI Media Group continues forth on its journey to be one of the horror genre's best friends by adding a little zombie mayhem to its growing terror-filled canon. Read on for all of the details right here!

Help Decide if Web Series Zombie Bashers Continues

Here at Dread Central we're big fans of the sick and twisted Conor (Dead Meat, The Disturbed) McMahon so we thought we'd help him out with a little competition he's involved with over on Ireland's national broadcaster RTÉ for his web series "Zombie Bashers". Read on for how you can get involved.

AFM: Conor McMahon To Introduce Us to The Disturbed

One film that's got us giddy that's being shopped at AFM as we speak is Conor McMahon's The Disturbed. McMahon, as you may recall, was the man who brought us the way above average zombie opus Dead Meat, and this flick marks his return to our genre!