Film4 FrightFest Review Explosion Part 3 - The Final Chapter: American Mary, Community, Tower Block

And here we are, kids! The last set of our reviews from one of the best damned horror film festivals on the planet - the Film4 FrightFest! Let's give our man on the scene and writing machine, Pestilence, a round of applause!

Community (2012)

Starring Elliott Jordan, Jemma Dallender, Terry Bird, Ian Ralph, Paul McNeilly Directed by Jason Ford

First Look at UK Thriller Community

The UK-based psychological horror film Community is nearly wrapped and ready to get your skin crawling. The trailers look slick with some interesting characters trapped in a morbid, deadly situation. This tale of the Drayman Estate urban legend is filled with drug addiction, murderous children and scenes of brutal violence. Sounds like a Gash family reunion.

Greendale Community College to Be Besieged by Zombies

"The Walking Dead" isn't the only television show to feature an onslaught of the undead this fall. NBC's underrated comedy "Community" (returning for a second season beginning tonight) is also aiming to tackle the gut munchers in what will probably be one of the greatest Halloween episodes since "Roseanne" consistently kicked annual ass back in the day.

Fear Itself: Community (2008)

Reviewed by Morgan Elektra Starring Charlie Hofheimer, Shiri Appleby, Meredith Bailey, John Billingsley Directed by Maron Haron