Exclusive Survival of the Dead Commentary Track with Uncle Creepy and George A. Romero Now Available on BD Live!

For those not playing along, our own Uncle Creepy has done several commentary tracks for movies, but for whatever reason his work has often been shelved. He refers to this as the Creepy Commentary Curse™, but right now, at least for BD Live users who bought Survival of the Dead on Blu-Ray, the curse has been broken!

Exclusive: Chopping Mall - Lewis & Clark Commentary!

It's no secret The Signal (DVD review) is a big-time favorite here around the Dread Central offices, and millions of fans have thoroughly enjoyed getting themselves a taste of The Crazy. Part of what made that film so memorable were the performances of AJ Bowen and Scott Poythress as Lewis and Clark.

Exclusive: Alien Raiders Commentary Track!

Here at Dread Central we try and bring you goodies no one else can or will, up to and including asking filmmakers to do things just for us. Usually this means sending us a pic or two from their film that no one else has, but when we saw that Ben Rock’s excellent Alien Raiders was going to hit DVD without a commentary track from its director, we set out to do something about it.

Splattrax: Dr. Giggles Now Live!

Coming in a few days ahead of schedule, this year's Splattrax with special guest I-Mockery's Roger Barr is now live! We laughed, we cried, we tried to find ways to fit in Bill & Ted references thanks to bad hairstyles and eye-blistering fashion choices! All this and more can be yours if you just download the audio below and get yourself a copy of Dr. Giggles!

I-Mockery & DC Team Up for Splattrax's Return!

It's hard to fathom that a whole year has passed since our last Splattrax. So, to help ring in Samhain, we've teamed back up from Roger Barr of I-Mockery to bring yet another riffing. This time, we ordered a prescription ... of pain!

Exclusive: The Signal - Lewis & Clark Commentary!

So The Signal (DVD review) has been out on DVD for a while now, and if you’re like any other fan of the film, I’m sure you’ve already plowed through all the extras on the disc to make sure you have the full picture of what it was like to make this groundbreaking indie masterpiece.

Exclusive: Hatchet Live Commentary Track from London!

Last summer Alan Jones and Adam Green conducted a commentary for the film Hatchet before a live audience of horror fans in London as part of the 2007 Fright Fest. The commentary was supposed to be included in the UK DVD release, but for whatever reason the track never made it to the DVD. That's OK, though, as we're about to fix that!

Exclusive: Joe Lynch's Lost Wrong Turn 2 Commentary!

We promised it, and as with all our promises, we are delivering it, too! Back when Fox was making the first pressing of Wrong Turn 2: Dead End on DVD, the disc was supposed to be a “flipper”, meaning there would be content on both sides of it, one of which would be a “technical” commentary by director Joe Lynch discussing the ins and outs of making the movie and working with Fox.