Colton Dunn

Play Halo: Reach with Hatchet II Cast and Crew Next Week!

Fan of Hatchet and Hatchet II? On Xbox 360 and have a hankering to shed some blood with the folks who know all about bringing the violence? Then, brothers and sisters, you had best clear your calendars and break out your copy of Halo: Reach! From the ArieScope Website:

Even Super Villains Need Love

On Valentine's Day, everyone could use a little love, even those who do nothing but commit heinous acts of evil as a means to garner the power of world domination!

Play Halo Reach with Hatchet Alumni

As avid gamers here at Dread Central, we're always looking for a good game and excuse to take a moment to shoot each other in the face. It's a real tension reliever. A lot of today's filmmakers and horror stars are gamers, too, and pretty soon if you have Halo Reach on the XBox 360, you can play some of them!