Colm Meaney

Teaser One-Sheet from Where the Devil Hides Falls to Earth

Another bit of early eye candy has made its way from the Las Vegas CinemaCon to the weird wide web, as the first artwork for the recently named Where the Devil Hides (formerly The Occult and The Devil's Rapture) has arrived!

The Devil's Rapture Is Where the Devil Hides from The Occult

A third title change has come for the demonic flick featuring "Dexter"'s Jennifer Carpenter, who last tangoed with biblical terrors in The Exorcism of Emily Rose. The Occult became The Devil's Rapture, and now it's Where the Devil Hides.

The Occult Gets a Title Change; Now It's The Devil's Rapture

One generic title has been exchanged for one cliche title as the Jennifer Carpenter spooker has gone from being known as The Occult to The Devil's Rapture. Maybe the studio should go to the well a third time?

Jennifer Carpenter Joins The Occult; Production Begins!

Some quick casting news coming in for The Occult along with an official announcement for you cats. Read on for all the latest straight from the cultist's mouth!

Colm Meaney Falls Victim to The Occult

The casting news continues for The Occult as a "Hell on Wheels" regular is ready to join in on the hunt for the devil's daughter. Kind of appropriate in some strange way, no?