Collin MacKenchie

A Vampire Dog Voiced by Norm McDonald? The Sucking Begins on DVD this September!

Direct-to-DVD movies about cute doggies and puppies have quietly become a cottage industry. So why not one about a boy who befriends an adorable talking Vampire Dog? Did I mention this mutt-feratu is voiced by comedian Norm McDonald? Not a joke. Watch the trailer.

Vampire Dog Wants to Sink His Adorable Fangs into Your Neck

It wasn’t until I watched Mr. Plinkett’s hilarious review of Cop Dog that it truly hit me how many low budget direct-to-DVD kiddy doggy flicks there have been. It doesn’t look anyone’s going to drive a stake through this subgenre’s heart anytime soon, and that’s a good thing because a Vampire Dog is coming to sink his adorable fangs into your neck.