Satanic Panic Scores Distro! New Stills!

It's always nice to see the little guy make good. Big studio films have a habit of swallowing up the indie scene, but lucky for us some really good stuff can stand whatever Hollyweird can throw at it. Case in point -- Marc Selz's Satanic Panic.

Twilight: Now's Your Chance to Deep Throat Edward Cullen

In our continuing efforts to bring you every piece of Twilight news your heart can desire, we bring you news of New Moon Heart's Desire Chocolate Candy: creme-filled chocolate hearts in wrappers adorned with head shots of stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner. Something hard and creme-filled for every Team Edward/Team Jacob fangirl to put in their mouth; it's their wildest fantasy come true.

New Satanic Panic Stills Surface

Marc Selz dropped us a line with a couple of stills from his devil-cult film Satanic Panic and talked some distro plans! So when can we expect to see the demonic mayhem?

FearWerx Presents War of the Dead: Z•E•R•O - Zombie Type One

If your house is anything like ours, you're always on the looking for a cool looking new collectible to add to the collection. And if it's a zombie, then all the better! Today FearWerx announced a fellow you're sure to want to bring home: War of the Dead: Z•E•R•O - Zombie Type One.

Ghostbusters Two-Pack Minimates

Diamond Select Toys knows who you’re gonna call and adds Ghostbusters 2’s Dr. Ray Stantz and the first-ever Glow-in-the-Dark Slimer to its popular Minimates collectible line with the release of this two-pack. Designed and sculpted by Art Asylum, each 2” Minimate features removable and interchangeable parts as well as 14 points of articulation.

Medicom's Mickey Mouse as Frankenstein

Medicom Toys has had a Disney license for some time now, and for good reason. Not only are their releases spot on, but they throw in unexpected twists on beloved characters. Disney may not delve into our world often, but Medicom is making sure we get some killer collectibles.

Rondo Hatton Award Winners

The votes are in (2,933 of them in fact), and the winners of the 7th annual Rondo Hatton Awards have been announced. Apparently the big upset this year came in the Best Model, Toy, or Collectible category, where "The Birds Barbie" beat out her competition. No surprise to me; she's been kicking butts and taking names since she first got into town! I certainly ordered mine the first chance I had.

Hot Toys Acquires Resident Evil 5 License

We don't have a lot of details other than the teaser image below, but Nomad just sent over an update from the marketing team at Hot Toys letting us know that the company has acquired the Resident Evil 5 (or Biohazard 5 as it's known in Japan) license from Capcom and will be releasing 1/6th scale collectible figures under their Video Game Masterpieces Series.

SOTA Toys Brings Death to Life

You've just gotta love SOTA Toys. As soon as it seems they've reached the pinnacle of badassery, they drop another cool figure on us that absolutely must become part of our collections.

Moe, Joe (Friend of Forry Ackerman)

Forrest Ackerman, AKA 4E, AKA The Ackermonster

Closer Look at Hot Toys' Dutch Figure

It was the end of December when we got our first good look at Hot Toy's upcoming line of Predator action figures, and now, thanks of course to Nomad, we have ten more photos to show you, all of Schwarzenegger's character Dutch. And he's looking quite studly indeed, let me tell you!

S.I.C.K. the Franchise?

Do you remember an Artisan DVD release from a few years back called S.I.C.K. (reivew), an acronym that stood for Serial Insane Clown Killer? For those of you that do, is a sequel something you've been longing for? It doesn't matter what you think one way or another because 2 S.I.C.K. is finally becoming a reality.

Toy Fair '09: NECA Goodies Galore!

After many hours of work, toiling away at a hot laptop, finally the arduous and daunting task of re-sizing and editing hundreds of pictures is complete. For now! I exaggerate, but compiling these image galleries really is a pain in the ass sometimes.

Toy Fair 09: New Mezco!

Nomad just turned in the first batch of toy photos from this year’s Toy Fair, currently stomping it’s way through New York City. The other day we showed you guys the Ghostbusters and Terminator 2 Minimates from Diamond Select, now we’ve got a whole batch of goodies from Mezco to show off!

Barker Talks Tortured Souls Movie

Clive Barker sat down the folks at Fearnet this weekend to jaw about the Midnight Meat Train DVD (review), and at one point the subject of the long-suffering Tortured Souls movie came up in the conversation.