HBO and Dark Horse Announce Game of Thrones Merchandise Partnership

We've been on the fence as far as covering the wildly popular "Game of Thrones", just mentioning the show here and there as it's seemed appropriate, but this latest news to cross our desk is just too cool to ignore: Dark Horse Deluxe is partnering with HBO on a vast "Game of Thrones" product line debuting in the spring of 2012, leading up to the show’s second season premiere in April. Read on for the details!

SD Comic-Con 2010: Shocker Toys Returns with Six Exclusive Figures and More

Shocker Toys is coming to this year's San Diego Comic-Con fully loaded with six summer exclusive figures, live celebrity interviews (including genre favorite Kane Hodder), artist signings, and toys in all shapes and sizes. Check them out in Booth #3849 and read on for all the details.

SD Comic-Con 2010: Kotobukiya Births a Bullet Man

In the world of collectibles, there aren't a lot of older licenses left to translate into plastic, plush and resin, and among those that are, few would make for a kickass action figure. Sure WE would love a line of Star Wars-scaled Blade Runner action figures complete with flying cars and rooftop battle playset, but would the retailers stock their stores with that on a gamble?

Final Artwork for Dexter Trinity Killer Bobble Head

Back in January of this year we posted a pretty hilarious early look at the concept art for the upcoming bobble head figure based on the Trinity Killer from Dexter, and now finally the real deal is available.

Tonner Expands its Twilight Line with New Moon Jacob Black Doll

Taylor Lautner's face has been all over the news lately what with him being linked to as many new projects as Sam Worthington AND finally becoming legal (his 18th birthday was Feb. 11th). And now, thanks to the Tonner Doll Company, that familiar baby face will forever be memorialized in doll form as Jacob Black joins fellow Twilight characters Bella, Edward, James, Laurent, and Victoria.

Another Ghostbusters Minimates Collection - With Villains!

Art Asylum has released the details on another Ghostbusters Minimates collection, and this one rounds out their Toys R Us Villains Series 3.

Concept Art for Dexter Trinity Killer Bobble Head

There's no denying that John Lithgow's portrayal of Arthur Mitchell, a.k.a. the Trinity Killer, was the best thing that happened to Showtime's Dexter since the series' first season. And now you can bring him into your own home ... if you dare!

True Blood Busts Now Available for Pre-Order

Remember those awesome True Blood busts we told you were coming this year? Well, HBO's Official True Blood Store is now open for pre-orders, and with limited quantities available, you just might want to head over there now to secure yours.

New Living Dead Dolls: Beetlejuice and Vampires!

Mezco continues hitting it out of the park via its Living Dead Dolls line with two new products ready to be released in late spring/early summer 2010: a Beetlejuice doll and the Series 19 Vampire set.

True Blood Busts Coming from DC Direct

DC Unlimited, which has been bringing you those World of Warcraft figures and just about everything else in the DC comics universe through DC Direct, now takes aim at the top of the food chain on cable TV. Get ready for "True Blood" mini-busts in 2010!

Ghostbusters Minimates Series 3 Coming in April

The top-selling Ghostbusters Minimate line continues with this latest 4-pack of Ghostbusters, associates, and menaces. This set includes the marshmallow-covered Gooey Egon and Gooey Winston from the original film as well as the sequel's Janine Melnitz and EPA lawyer Walter Peck.

Jumping Brains Mini-Figures Coming Soon

What would Halloween be without a nod to the almighty Brain, which is so important to the mythos of mad scientists, zombies, and other grey matter entities.

Mezco's Zombie Mez-Itz Help Support Undead In Frozen North

Some Canadian zombies are coming, and they want you to volunteer. No, not to be eaten, but to participate in their Halloween Walk. Actually, being zombies, it is technically more of a “shuffle”, but the concept is the same. And Mezco Toyz will be helping to support the Zombie Walk by supplying goodie bags to 150 participants and, for a limited time, giving a 10% discount on all orders that enter a special code.

Mezco's Zombie and Wolfman Mez-Itz

Mezco's back with two new Mez-Itz that no self-respecting horror collectibles fan can be without: The Wolfman and a new original Zombie!

Satanic Panic - New Stills and Trailer

Three new stills and another trailer have made their way online today for Marc Selz's upcoming devil-fest Satanic Panic courtesy of the director himself, and rather than being stingy, we figured we'd share.