Cold Spots

Resurrection Mary

Resurrection Cemetery Chicago, Illinois Stop me if you've heard this one before. A man driving alone at night on a dark patch of road sees a young woman walking along the curb. It's raining, perhaps even snowing, outside; and she is wearing a dress with short sleeves without a coat. The man, being a Good Samaritan, decides that he'll give the girl a ride.

The Pittsburgh Playhouse

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania The lights dim to start the show as backstage actors rush to hit their marks. Peering through the curtains, an actor spies a lonely woman in the balcony pacing with a gun in her hand. He turns to tell the stage manager, only to come into the fetid stench of decay and rot. The scent is overpowering, and as he turns to get away, he meets its source. A man whose disintegrating green face is only inches away from his cackles maniacally, then disappears.


The LaLaurie House New Orleans, Louisiana Truth is often stranger than fiction. Diabolical men and women litter the pages of books and blaze across the movie screens. Their faces may be calm and gentile on the surface, but their hearts hold the blackest of purposes. More startling still is to realize that people such as this exist in real life and to look at the aftermath of their twisted actions. The evil people do during their lives is not always interred with their bones. Such is the case of the LaLaurie House in New Orleans.

Cheesman Park

Denver, Colorado A spring afternoon in the park seems like it would be the perfect thing to help one relax and enjoy the day. The quiet air, rolling hills, and lush greenery all paint a picture of serenity and happiness. But shadows move beneath the trees and across the lawn. The warm air turns frigid as certain points are passed, and the calls of children playing seem to have no source. It becomes evident that this park, Cheesman Park, is somehow diseased.

Inn Distress

17 Hundred 90 Inn and TavernSavannah, Georgia A man is awakened from a dead sleep in the middle of the night by fingers caressing his face and tugging at his blankets. In his sleep induced stupor he smiles, rolling over to kiss his wife who, for whatever reason, seems very affectionate. It isn't until after he rolls over and sees the empty pillow beside him that he remembers: He's not home; he's in Savannah, Georgia, in a hotel, and the room is empty.

Hot and Cold: The Sloss Furnaces

Birmingham, Alabama The fires burn both day and night with temperatures climbing to heights unimagined before by man. Those unfortunate enough to be here are worked until near death and many beyond. The stench of burning steel and brimstone mixes with blood and sweat, and everywhere tired, haunted faces covered in soot stare deep into the glowering structures, their only mission to feed the fire or die trying. Rest is not to be had for at the slightest sign of slack, a man appears, whip in hand, screaming to get back to work.

Hammock House

Beaufort, North Carolina From the coast it can be seen, a landmark against the sea, guiding ships safely to port. Apart from its obvious historic significance, the large white house is unassuming, beautiful against the landscape, and inviting. But inside the house there are scars of the past, things that a coat of paint or simple repair can never wipe away. Screams heard in the night are only part of the tragic history in this house that seems to devour its tenants, leaving bone-chilling tales behind and bloodstains on the floor.


Key West, Florida A child of ten awakens in the middle of the night and finds one of his brightest daytime companions, a stuffed doll, staring at him from the foot of his bed. There is something unnatural about the glassy eyes, the expressionless face. It sits, silently piercing the child with its gaze, somehow threatening. The child, for no reason he can understand, is paralyzed with fear. Across the house, the child's mother is awakened by her son's screams and the sounds of furniture being overturned. She rushes to his room, panic-stricken, to find the door locked.

The Legend of the Bunnyman Bridge

You sit in your car, your date by your side, wondering just what you're doing here. This place is bad; everyone says so. You've heard the tales of death and spectral madmen that leap from the bushes and separate people's heads from their necks. Yet, you are here, hoping that the crickets that chirp like nervous heartbeats and echoes that sound like whispers will bring her closer to you. And you don't believe the stories anyway, right? They're just made up to scare kids away from here. But then, why is your heart racing in time with hers? Why do the echoes sound more like whispers?

Lake Jackson

Every city has that place. It's a place innocuous in appearance, but even the casual passer-by can feel the malignancy like icy fingers on the nape of his neck. Just standing in the shadow of the building gives a person an unreasonable feeling of dread. The windows are alive, staring down at whoever might be so brave or foolhardy to approach -- daring, waiting for someone to step within its walls. And while such places go by many names, they are all the same. Haunted.