Cold Spots

Stones River Battlefield

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

West Virginia State Penitentiary

West Virginia State Penitentiary Moundsville, West Virginia

The Willard Library

Evansville, Indiana

The Bullock Hotel

Deadwood, South Dakota

Dead Presidents Pub and Restaurant

Wilmington, Delaware

The Brig

Farragut State Park, Idaho

Southern Vermont College

Bennington, Vermont The stately old building has been many things, among them a home and a seminary. Within its hallowed hallways and on its grounds, eager young minds thirst for knowledge, seeking the wisdom of the past as they plan for the future. But, here, the voices of the past do not just reach out from books and lesson plans. Within the shadowed corners reach cold hands, seeking not knowledge but justice, or even more of the lives they lost so long ago.

The Isles of Shoals

Coast of New Hampshire and Maine Tortured souls whisper across the sea, their voices echoing from shore to shore on a tiny string of islands in northeastern America. Through a past of violence and pain, ghosts of many types can be found. The women butchered by an axe-wielding madman, the woman left by her pirate husband, and even a man of questionable occupation stalk the nine shores. Some visitors might run screaming in fear into the sea, were it safe.

The Henry Ford Estate/Henry Ford Museum

Dearborn, Michigan America has, since its beginning, had its own unique brand of royalty. Great minds whose visions shaped the modern world hold their place in the historical pantheon, revered by those who follow and expand on the inventions that most people take for granted. As royalty, such luminaries leave behind not only their castles after death but often a small piece of themselves.

Little Big Horn

Montana Beneath the clouds and brilliant blue of "big sky country," one stands in a valley on a mid-summer day. It is easy to be taken in by the beauty of the place, to listen to the wind and feel that it was this place that inspired the words "America the Beautiful." It is easy to look around and almost forget that the ground on which you stand once ran deep with rivers of blood or that you are standing in what is, in essence, a mass grave.

The Sage Hill Bed and Breakfast

Anamoose, North Dakota The beds are soft and smell of clean linen, the spacious rooms are decorated to perfection, and one is awakened in the morning by the scent of breakfast cooking downstairs. Out the window lies a picturesque skyline of North Dakota. Everything about the old building seems peaceful. But in the hallway is the hint of cigar smoke despite the strict non-smoking rule. Bags and furniture sometimes move or are simply not in the place where one is certain he left them.

McCune Mansion

Salt Lake City, Utah The little girl who walks from room to room is not part of the ceremony, and no matter where one looks, the source of the music that filters through the air cannot be found. Still, this is a place of beauty, an occasion to be marked. And while the staff left no detail unchecked, it is clear that there is more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye. There comes a day when a person wants the world to be perfect.

The Chelsea Hotel

Manhattan, New York It stands as a relic from another time. Twelve stories of brick and iron, the structure seems like a hundred movie flophouses in which the guests stay for lack of any other place to go. Of course, appearances can be deceiving. Once through the doors, visitors find themselves in a mix of a bohemian museum and antique road show. There is energy here, a specter that follows the visitors as they step from room to room.

Old Wyoming State Penitentiary

Rawlins, Wyoming Imagine yourself confined to a room five feet by seven feet with only a bare cot and toilet for amenities. Down the hallway terrified screams and sadistic laughter echo throughout the night, reminding you that your residence is in one of the rings of Hell. You'll be all right, you tell yourself, so long as you keep to your work and tasks and do not make eye contact with any of those who live nearby.

Stone's Public House

Ashland, Massachusetts Something crashes in the dead of night, a plate or glass leaving its cupboard, aided by an unseen hand. It is that same hand, perhaps, that catches the neck of the unwary, squeezing in forceful rebuke. Doors unlatch and swing wide before slamming shut as if someone were angrily walking through the room. And from the street the sounds are heard.