Cold Skin

A Not-So Close Look at Some Cold Skin Creature Concept Art

Director Xavier Gens took a moment to share with fans a bit of concept art from his flick Cold Skin that features the flick's monster. David Slade was once attached to direct this adaptation of the Albert Sánchez Piñol novel before Gens took the reigns.

Xavier Gens Takes on Cold Skin

A quick update coming in for the long talked about feature Cold Skin. Director David Slade is no longer attached to the flick, and filling his spot will be Frontier(s) director Xavier Gens.

Early Art for David Slade's Cold Skin

It's amazing how quickly things work nowadays. Just last week we told you about David Slade's Cold Skin, and today we have some sexy and scaly early artwork for you to feast your eyes upon!

David Slade has Cold Skin

Yep. It's a little known fact. When you touch this guy, you'd think he was dead. Even in the hottest of weather he manages to st ... Huh? Oh, you mean his next movie. Gotcha! Yep, right after tacking Twilight: Eclipse, Slade will be sinking his teeth right back into the horror genre.