Cold Prey III

Two New One-Sheets: Cold Prey III

Two new bits of artwork for the third film in the Cold Prey franchise have come our way, and they borrow a few things from the American assemble-some-characters-together playbook.

The Score Thus Far - Cold Prey III Teaser Trailer Two

Hey! There is just not enough news happening right now, so let us take a moment to check out the second teaser trailer for the foreign slasher flick, Cold Prey III! Good thing we still got gas in the old tank. Dig it!

New International Trailer and One-Sheet - Cold Prey III

The Cold Prey franchise fascinates us, but not because it's a grand slasher film with amazing kills. In fact, it's just the opposite. While we can't speak for the second film, as we haven't seen it, there's not a single moment from the first that we can even recall. Yet, people have gone crazy for the movie. So be it! Maybe the third time will be the charm.