Cloverfield 2

Godzilla and Pacific Rim Inspiring J.J. Abrams to Go Forward with Cloverfield 2?

Thanks to movies like Pacific Rim and of course Godzilla, it seems as if projects featuring giant monsters are on the upswing; and as far as we're concerned, that's a pretty awesome thing. Know who else thinks it's awesome? Director J.J. Abrams.

Matt Reeves Confirms: Cloverfield 2 WILL Happen

Ever since the success of Cloverfield fans have been hoping and praying for a sequel. Thus far we've seen fan-made viral videos, hoped that Super 8 was actually the return of the beast, and have heard tons of chatter but nothing concrete. Will we ever see Clovie again? The answer is YES.

Matt Reeves Talks Let Me In, Cloverfield 2, and The Invisible Woman

While promoting the DVD and Blu-Ray release of his latest endeavor, Let Me In, Matt Reeves took some time to chat with Dread Central about its release and how Hitchcock influenced his style for his take on John Lindqvist’s story of isolation and adolescence, his incredible cast, and what’s in store for the writer/director now that the film is debuting on home video February 1st.

Meet the Creature from Super 8 ... Or is it Cloverfield 2 ... Or is it ...

Paramount Pictures has a LOT of flicks featuring aliens on its agenda. J.J. Abrams' Super 8 and Star Trek 2, the long talked about Cloverfield sequel, Steven Sommers' When Worlds Collide, Oren Peli's Area 51. The list can go on and on. The thing we're about to show you could be from one of them, or maybe, just maybe, it's nothing at all.

San Diego Comic-Con 2010: Matt Reeves Talks Cloverfield 2 and When We're Going to See It!

While talking about his latest film Let Me In here at the San Diego Comic-Con, Dread Central nailed down the official word from director Matt Reeves regarding the long awaited sequel Cloverfield 2. Let the speculation end now ...

More Spoilers - JJ Abrams' Super 8

It seems like only a few hours ago that we gave you the latest on JJ Abrams' Super 8. That's because it was. Some more "facts" have come to light, this time detailing exactly what's to come this weekend. The plot thickens.

JJ Abrams' Super 8 - The Mystery Continues

In true JJ Abrams fashion, just when you think you have things almost all figured out, he pulls the rug right out from under you and then giggles maniacally while you fall on your ass. Just yesterday it was reported that his latest project, Super 8, would somehow be related to Cloverfield. Now? Not so much. Round and round we go.

More Super 8 Details

It's amazing the difference that a few hours can make. Just a little while ago we reported that the trailer for JJ Abrams' latest project Super 8 will be attached to prints of Iron Man 2 this weekend. Speculation started running rampant as to whether or not this could be a sequel to Cloverfield, and now the answer has come.

Trailer for JJ Abrams' Super 8 to be Attached to Iron Man 2. Possible Cloverfield Sequel?

Filmmaker JJ Abrams is a man who loves toying with his fans, and we love him right back for it. Just about every project he works on is shrouded in some type of secrecy, and when Iron Man 2 hits this weekend, we'll be getting our first look at what's next for the devilish director.

Matt Reeves Talks Cloverfield 2

One monster mash that has the horror fanbase pretty divided is the 2008 destruction-a-thon Cloverfield. Ever since the movie stomped through cinemas, there's been talk of a sequel. Finally director Matt Reeves has offered an update on the sequel's status.

J.J. Abrams Talks Cloverfield Sequel

Actually it's more like one sentence than a whole conversation, but for those of us jonesing for some news about the Cloverfield sequel, anything J.J. Abrams says about it is most welcome!

2nd Viral for Cloverfield 2?

Around three weeks ago we showed you what could very well have been the first viral video for Cloverfield 2. Fake or not, everyone was pretty much in agreement that it was pretty badass, if not a little too much on the nose. How would the second video fare? Find out now!

Cloverfield 2 Viral Video?

Few things get me as excited as movies that feature giant monsters wrecking cities. Though the film has taken more than its fair share of criticism, for me Cloverfield delivered on the promise of colossal-sized creature action. Here we are two years removed, and a little video has surfaced over on YouTube (where else?) giving us a taste of what could be the next installment of the franchise.

Reeves Talks Cloverfield Sequel

It seems like it’s been forever since we’ve heard anything about a sequel to Cloverfield, even though the money it made during its theatrical and home video run makes it a no-brainer for the studio. Director Matt Reeves recently talked with MTV’s Movie Blog about it and gave some reasons why we’ve not seen anything yet.