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B-Sides: The Wraith Never Surrenders

If you melded The Fast & the Furious and The Crow into a single supernatural action vehicle, detailed it with mid-1980s garishness, and set the radio to Reagan era hair metal, you’d get something a lot like The Wraith.

Jason Christopher on the 5 Films that Inspired Nobody Gets Out Alive

This week up-and-coming indie filmmaker Jason Christopher's latest, Nobody Gets Out Alive, arrived on DVD everywhere courtesy of Image Entertainment. Since it's a film we've been covering here on Dread Central since the very beginning during Indie Horror Month 2011...

Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Clip: Nobody Gets Out Alive

An exclusive clip from the upcoming DVD of Jason Christopher's Nobody Gets Out Alive just landed in our inbox, so pull up a chair and give it a look! Image Entertainment's release of the bone-chilling revenge thriller hits DVD and digital download on February 26th.

New Clip from Nobody Gets Out Alive Cuts to the Quick

A brand new clip just landed in our inbox for Jason Christopher's Nobody Gets Out Alive so pull up a chair and give it a look! Image Entertainment's release of the bone-chilling revenge thriller hits DVD and digital download on February 26th.

Nobody Gets Out Alive Release Plans Unveiled

Just days after we debuted the official poster art for Jason Christopher's slasher opus Nobody Gets Out Alive (formerly Down the Road), Image Entertainment has unveiled its release plans for the flick. Read on for details.

Exclusive Artwork Premiere - Nobody Gets Out Alive

Here it is, kids! A bit of exclusive indie goodness right here for your hungry horror-loving eyes. Pull up your chair closer and get ready to dig on the artwork debut for Jason Christopher's slasher opus Nobody Gets Out Alive (formerly Down the Road).

Punishment Home to Our Favorite Bit of Sales Art of the Year!

In our relentless pursuit to bring you all sorts of badassery, we've dug up two never before seen bits of sales art for Punishment (known as Down the Road (review here) Stateside), one of which is so blissfully gory we've been grinning ever since finding it!

New Punishment Trailer and Artwork Found Down the Road

Some new artwork and a trailer for Punishment (known as Down the Road (review here) Stateside) has come our way, and we have the goods for you cold off the slab right here. Dig it and revel in one father's revenge!

Are You Ready for Rob Zombie's Death Note?

Calm down, kids. Rob Zombie is NOT remaking the much beloved Asian film of the same name. What we're talking about here is a new commercial. No clue where he finds the time, but yes, the man has just released a new ad. Dig it!

Down the Road (2011)

Starring Jen Dance, Chris Ready, Matthew Nadu, Shaun Paul Costello, Chelsey Garner, Nikki Bell, Clint Howard Directed by Jason Christopher

Indie Horror Flick Down the Road Nabs Top Honors at ShockFest Film Festival and HorrorQuest Film Festival

Last weekend (November 18/19) writer/director Jason Christopher's debut film Down the Road was named Best Feature during the 2011 ShockFest Film Festival in Los Angeles, California, on a night where Eli Roth, James Gunn and Clint Howard (who also has a cameo in Down the Road) were all honored for their contributions to the world of genre cinema.

No Rest for the Wicked on the Set of Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem

Know who else is working on Thanksgiving Day? Rob Zombie. The rocker turned filmmaker just released a holiday greeting from the set of his film-within-a-film in The Lords of Salem entitled Frankenstein Versus The Witchfinder, and we have it for you right here.

A Bit of Clarification Regarding Clint Howard's Role in The Lords of Salem

When Heather sent over the news last night about Clint Howard wrapping up a bit of filming on Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem, something rang a bell about him being involved so we did a little digging back at the source of all things Zombie (i.e., his Facebook page) and saw that he had indeed mentioned Howard's involvement, although not quite as you'd expect. Read on for the details.

Iconic Actor Clint Howard in The Lords of Salem?

Even though we've gotten an endless barrage of casting news and updates over the last few months for writer/director Rob Zombie's upcoming flick The Lords of Salem, it seems as though one cast member may have hopped aboard under the radar.

2011 Shockfest Celebrates Eli Roth, Clint Howard, James Gunn, and More

We know there are a lot of genre festivals out there these days, but there's one in particular that just popped up on our radars here at Dread Central: the Shockfest Film Festival of Hollywood, which celebrates short narratives, documentaries, and music videos that are different from the mainstream, films that move audiences (even if it means shaking them up), and of course some incredibly "shocking" flicks as well.