Claudio Fragrasso

Win a Copy of Troll 2 on Blu-ray

We live in a strange world. A world in which Troll 2 exists on Blu-ray. To make matters even stranger ... we now have your chance to win said Blu-ray to add to your WTF collection at home.

Official Troll 2 Blu-Ray Artwork and Announcement

It just boggles the mind! We live in a world in which not all of the James Bond movies or even the Indiana Jones movies are on Blu-ray yet, but here comes Troll 2! You just gotta love it! Read on for the artwork and announcement!

Believe It or Not, Troll 2 is Coming to Blu-ray

Of all the genre Blu-ray titles that have been announced, here's one I never would have expected in a thousand years. But it seems like MGM knows there's a devoted following belonging to the 'best worst movie' of all time, Troll 2, and very soon you'll be able to view it in high definition.

From the WTF? Files: Troll 2 Part 2

We've been reporting for a short while now about the planned Troll remake. Now comes word that filmmaker Claudio Fragrasso wants to make a direct sequel to his now legendarily awful Troll 2. Holy nilbog!