Clark Baker

Alien Invasion Flick Snowfall Passes Through the Gold Circle; Watch the Pitch Trailer!

Aliens and heavy snow converge to ensure Chicago will never be the same again in Snowfall, a sci-fi flick that's currently in pre-production. Read on to find out everything we know about the windy city invasion!

Aliens Invade During a Snowfall

Snow. Personally speaking, I hate it. Yeah, it looks pretty coming down and when there's a fresh blanket of it covering your city, but try shoveling that shit for 30 years and then get back to me. As if there wasn't enough reason to hate it, you can now throw an alien invasion into the mix.

Paramount Acquires Clark Baker's Vessel

Another short film has been scooped up to be made into a feature film as Variety reports that Paramount has acquired Clark Baker's sci-fi/horror short film Vessel and tapped genre scribe Stephen Susco (The Grudge) to write and produce the feature version, which will be directed by Baker.