Clare Grant

Axelle Carolyn's Hooked Available NOW!

A couple of days ago we gave you your first look at Axelle Carolyn's latest short film, Hooked, and now? Well now, dearest reader, you can dig on the whole enchilada yourself! All one hundred twenty seconds of it!

R.A. Mihailoff is Hooked on Axelle Carolyn!

And who could blame him? An incredibly smart, talented, and sexy chick who's big time into horror movies? Talk about the catch of the day! Speaking of which, we have the first look at Axelle's latest short film starring the big man himself, R.A. Mihailoff, entitled Hooked for ya!

Vampires Get Sentimental as Daylight Fades

Vicious vampires got you down? Sad that The Twilight Saga is coming to an end? Well buck up, my little sparkling trooper. There's more lusty love-laden bite fodder headed your way with Daylight Fades.

The Alien Beach Crashers Are Here Probing Humanity One Bikini Bottom at a Time!

That's right, kids! Scantily clad hot chicks are here to kick some alien ass, and they're taking no prisoners and breaking no nails! What are you waiting for? Bust out your lube ... err ... I mean lotion and get to ... umm ... oh, just watch the damn thing already!

Who Will Save Us from the Alien Beach Crashers?

It happens all too often. You're sitting there on the beach, soaking up some sunshine, and before you know it, an alien invasion springs forth. Now, instead of getting a tan, you're getting a probe, and the bastard extraterrestrials weren't even kind or thoughtful enough to remove your bathing suit first. Who can save us from such horrors?

Adam Green's Sexy Nightmare Slayers Are Here!

We broke the first word about the new web series from director Adam Green and co-creator Rileah Vanderbilt, Sexy Nightmare Slayers, a couple of weeks ago, and now the goods have finally arrived. Dig it!

Exclusive First Word and Images: Sexy Nightmare Slayers

If ever there was a time that we wished to be plagued with horrid nightmares brimming with terror, it's now. That's right, kids! Turn your lights down low and get ready for a sexy evening of scantily clad women protecting you from ferocious beasts!

Team Unicorn Teaches Us the Safest Way to Spend Christmas with the Dead

You know I was just sitting here wondering ... "If a zombie outbreak should occur right now, would I have time to save my holiday pies?" While it may seem trivial to most, many of us holiday bakers out there put a lot of time into our flaky pipin' hot treats. The dead have a way of really screwing shit up, ya know? Good thing for us Team Unicorn is there with a new instructional video!

Graves, The (2010)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Jillian Murray, Clare Grant, Bill Moseley, Tony Todd, Amanda Wyss, Shane Stevens Directed by Brian Pulido

Brian Pulido Discusses The Graves

Director Brian Pulido didn't have to look much farther than practically his own backyard when he was seeking inspiration for his next horror project. He found that the state of Arizona provided the right landscape to create a chilling supernatural journey with his telling of The Graves.

Girls and Corpses Signing at Dark Delicacies

Mark your datebooks for November 15th for a signing at Dark Delicacies of the recently released Girls and Corpses winter issue and 2010 calendar.

Third Teaser Poster for The Graves

The third teaser poster for Brian Pulido's The Graves found its way into our inbox today amongst all the offers from African princes looking to make us wealthy, but we've decided to leave those rich pricks in the lurch just to stay here and bring you the news!

Adam Green Shows Us His Saber

Not that saber, you friggin' perverts! I'm talking about his new short film Saber. And no, it's not a horror movie, BUT it has hot chicks in their underwear dueling with light sabers. I can't think of a reason for you not to watch.

Second Teaser Poster for The Graves

The second of eight teaser posters for Brian Pulido's The Graves hit this morning courtesy of Mischief Maker Studios. Curious?

Teaser Poster for The Graves

We got our hands on the first of eight teaser posters for Brian Pulido's The Graves this morning courtesy of Mischief Maker Studios. Wanna peek? We thought you would.