Citizen Ugly

One More Preview of Ugly Americans: Three Hole

With its debut set for tonight at 10:30 pm Eastern/9:30 pm Central after the season premiere of "South Park", Comedy Central's "Ugly Americans" has unleashed one final clip to entice you to watch. In the video Callie introduces Mark to her "three hole" while they're in the shower. Sound intriguing?

Watch the First Ten Minutes of Ugly Americans

We've seen numerous clips and teasers and even a game tie-in, and finally on Wednesday of this week, March 17th to be exact, "Ugly Americans" debuts on Comedy Central at 10:30 pm Eastern/9:30 pm Central. To show how much they appreciate everyone's support of the show, Comedy Central is revealing the first ten minutes of the pilot.

Comedy Central Launches Citizen Ugly Web Game Tie-In to Ugly Americans

Comedy Central has unleashed "Citizen Ugly", the web game tie-in to the network's new animated horror/comedy series "Ugly Americans", in which players help the zombies, robots, and vampires of New York keep their jobs and stay out of trouble.