Circle of Confusion

IDW Announces Live-Action Pantheon TV Series and Kill Shakespeare Board Game

Back in April of 2010 we announced the first issues of IDW Publishing's Kill Shakespeare and Pantheon, and coincidentally this week some news involving both properties has arrived with one becoming a board game and the other being adapted as a TV series.

Fox International Channels Developing New Exorcism TV Series Based on Robert Kirkman Comic

Exorcisms may not be burning up the box office, but Fox International Channels is hoping the concept is still viable for the small screen. Read on for the details.

Inferno Entertainment Funds Breck Eisner to Bathe in the Blood of the Innocent

It's been the better part of a year since last we talked about director Breck Eisner's adaptation of the comic Blood of the Innocent. Sometimes movie making is one hell of a waiting game, but when all the pieces fall into place, it's full steam ahead. Case in point ...

Showtime to Give Us Something to Chew On

Let's face it; as much as we love "Dexter", the series is just not as sharp as it once was. Blame John Lithgow for a season that could never be topped in terms of quality and intensity. That being said, Showtime has another genre series on the horizon for us.

*UPDATE* Gatekeeper Lets in the Dead

Though zombie films are still coming out at an incredible pace, the good ones have been few and far between. Production company Circle of Confusion is setting out to deliver the goods with their new undead opus Gatekeeper, and judging from their odd casting, they could very well be on the right track!