Cinema Purgatorio

Offical Artwork and Trailer Debut: Cinema Purgatorio's Daylight

The fear-meisters over at Cinema Purgatorio are back with a spooky new flick that is sure to make you see horror in an all new light ... Daylight! Read on for details, artwork, and even a trailer.

Cropsey Now Officially Haunting Your TV via VOD

Lock your doors and turn off the lights! After a critically acclaimed festival tour and run at New York's IFC Center, Josh Zeman and Barbara Brancaccio's horror-documentary Cropsey is now available nationwide on Video-On-Demand until August 12th for major operators including Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox, and Brighthouse.

Cinema Purgatorio Unleashing Cropsey

No, not the burned and scarred killer from the slasher classic The Burning (who incidentally looked way scarier than the new Freddy Krueger that is now haunting the nightmares of people who like good movies); we're talking about the really creepy documentary that debuted at last year's Tribeca.