Cinema Cool Show

George Romero Keeps Cinema Cool

Continuing their love affair with all things horror (we totally approve, by the way) the cats over at the "Cinema Cool Show" recently sat down with the maestro himself, George A. Romero, to talk his special brand of zombie flicks starting from Night of the Living Dead all the way up to his latest release, Survival of the Dead.

Cinema Cool Takes a Look at The Monster Squad

A couple of weeks back a group of lovably loony horror fans blessed us with a pretty damned good look at some of horror's bloodiest moments. Now the gang is back with a whole new beast - a loving look back at The Monster Squad.

Ready for a Look at Some of Horror's Bloodiest Moments?

Here on Dread Central we spend hours each day making sure you guys are way on top of everything scary, violent, and generally badass. Today our journey's led us to a film aficionado website that isn't afraid to get a little sticky.