International Apollo 18 One-Sheet Gets Crackin'

Time to add a little Russian flavor to your daily dosage of Apollo 18 goodies as the international one-sheet is here, minus the smell of vodka and borscht.

Argentinian Zombies Run Amok in the Incidente

Here at Dread Central we're big fans of documentary or found footage type films, and this latest one coming out of Argentina looks nothing short of badass! According to director Mariano Cattaneo his film, Incidente, was inspired by the likes of [REC], Lamberto Bava's Demons, The Blair Witch Project, and even Stephen King’s novel Desperation.

New Website, Behind-the-Scenes Videos, and More - Troll Hunter

Excited about Troll Hunter (review here)? Lord knows you should be. The movie kicks ass in just about every conceivable way and we've got some new goodies to get you going!

Another Leaked Apollo 18 Document Finds its Way Online

Another classified piece of viral goodness has made its way online in support of the soon to be released Apollo 18. We have all of the documents assembled below for you so please ... if you have any idea how this fits together, give us a shout!

Infection 2 to Commence Production in Late March

One of the earliest (and best) cinéma-vérité films to cross our desks was Albert Pyun's 2005 one-take wonder Infection, which was renamed Invasion (review here) for its DVD release, so you can bet our ears perked up today when we learned a sequel is on its way!

Trailer Debut of The Weinstein Co.'s Apollo 18

True to their word, today the Weinsteins released the first trailer for their upcoming Apollo 18, about which virtually nothing is known other than the names of the director, Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego, and screenwriter, Brian Miller. Hopefully the trailer sheds a bit more light on things.

Apollo 18 Trailer to Land in Less Than 24 Hours

News just hit our desks that the official trailer for the soon to be released Apollo 18 will be hitting this crazy thing called the interwebs in less than a day. Of course you realize that when it does we'll be right here waiting!

The Tapes are Uncovered in the UK

More cinéma-vérité style terror has just hit our radar thanks to the ever vigilant DC reader Avery. This one is coming in from our friends across the pond in the UK. Dare you watch ... The Tapes? Yeah, the title is very generic, but as you'll see below, this flick looks pretty damned good. Scott Bates' UK found footage indie flick The Tapes stars Nick Nevern and Jason Maza.

Can You Survive the Darkest Night?

More cinéma-vérité style chills are headed our way thanks to Gothic Productions International, and we've got the first word on what to expect from horror's Darkest Night. From the Press Release

The Dinosaur Project to Stomp on Found Footage Flicks

It had to happen sooner or later. With the success of cinéma-vérité style films like Troll Hunter and of course Paranormal Activity, it was only a matter of time before Earth's real monsters had a go of it!

First Casting News: [REC] Genesis

The first new cast members to hop aboard the unlikely yet totally kick-ass [REC] franchise have been named, and you know what that means ... we're that much closer to [REC] Genesis finally getting made!

Apollo 18 Viral Checklist Run-Through

Yet another blacked out sheet of viral goodness has made its way online in support of the soon to be released Apollo 18. You can find it below with all the rest. Do these puzzle pieces fit together? Can you make any sense of it? Let us know!

Animated 3D Remake of The Last Broadcast On Its Way

Nothing shocks us anymore. Nothing. Way back in 1998, even before The Blair Witch Project became the phenom that it was, two filmmakers, Stefan Avalos and Lance Weiler, had their own hunt in the woods looking for a nasty local legend in The Last Broadcast. The film played like an A&E documentary with an ending so polarizing that many either sing its praises or damn it to hell.

Atrocious (2011)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Cristian Quintanilla Atauri, July Quintanilla Atauri Directed by Fernando Barreda Luna